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5 Ways To Increase Student Enrollments For Tutoring Businesses

Tutoring Business

Increase Student Enrollments for Tutoring Business

Advertising your tutoring business is not easy. But using the effective marketing techniques, you can succeed too. If you are a good teacher and your students enjoy your lessons, you might have to make occasional referrals here and there. If you want to generate a healthy income and increase the student’s enrollments, you need to know the marketing strategies.

The past year during Covid has been a nightmare for every country, big organizations, brands, companies and individuals, especially for the students, parents and school teachers. It has been an unforgettable experience for them as all the schools and colleges were forced to shut their doors and all the parents worldwide started to homeschool their kids while in essential professions, finding jobs and teleworking.

This resulted in many people seeking out supplementary means for educational aid for ensuring the prevention of the negative effect of Covid-19 on their kid’s education. This resulted in a sudden spike in the requirements for tutors from all across the world, and now many entrepreneurs have come together to bridge the gap between the students and education amidst Covid-19.

Below I’ll discuss 5 Ways To Increase Student Enrollments For Tutoring Business along with some other useful guidelines that will help to boost your teaching career:

1. Make Free Classified Ads For Finding Students Online

Making free classified ads is an effective way to grab the attention of aspiring students. You can find plenty of free classified websites online. You just need to google ‘high DA classified website’ on google or similar keywords in other languages too. The principle is simple:

  • A brief and short description of your portfolio and service, like maths tutoring, physics tutoring, or english classes etc.
  • Some information about your portfolio, your services, technology, tools, and social media platform you use for online tutorials like Skype, Google meet or Zoom, etc.
  • Mention the prerequisites that students would need to join your classes like flash player based browser, microphone, screen recorder, etc.
  • Service price, email address, website address, contact information, etc.


Now, the interested students will contact you through your website or other contact information. Also, note that many of these websites are locally based, so it’s up to you to choose the radius of your service reaches in the city, state, etc. As an online tutor, you have the advantage of getting connected with several other areas in the world.

2. Use Social Media Platforms To Find Students

Social media is extremely important for someone trying to get into any business doesn’t matter if it’s a home-based business or corporate business. Now you might be thinking that mass messaging your Facebook or instagram friends and spamming your website links would do the trick, but that’s exactly the opposite. They will get annoyed by it, and you will end up getting ignored instead.

You will find lots of advice on the internet. We think that it is worth mentioning that ‘Social media is obligatory’. However, it needs to be added with other means, and it will be of no use if you don’t engage in blogging or other community marketing strategies.

3. Use Tutoring Directories To Invite Students

Many directories are available online, where the teachers post their list of services. It is similar to the Classified listing, but it is solely focused on tutoring and teaching. For instance, add your website address to the online teaching directory. You can find many sites by online search.

You must look out for cheap shady tricks of the old websites online that ask for upfront fees for advertisements. Ask anyone aware of these digital marketing strategies in your friend’s group or community and see what their opinion is about these websites. Your aim is to cut down any chances of signing up for anything suspicious that even you won’t do while searching for a tutor.

4. Do SEO Optimization To Find More Students

This is that part of the business where non-technical people would ignore. The main cause of this problem are the prophets and self-appointed gurus in the digital marketing field who call themselves ‘know-it-all’ for what works the best and what doesn’t. But in reality, it’s all about –

  • Search engines
  • Millions of people making searches on various search engines which determines the parameters that are ever-changing


There are various approaches to finding keywords. For example, if you are a French tutor and you have a blog or homepage of your french lesson tutorial classes, your keywords must be ‘French Lessons’. However, this is not as specific as from the search engine’s perspective. So, keywords like ‘Online French Tutor’ or ‘French Lessons Online’ would be more specific and would highly differ on the search results.

If your webpage is stuck under the same old search results, then try other phrases, combine keywords and do online research from a more technical perspective. Always ensure that whatever resources you get are new.

5. Start Writing Blogs About Your Tutorials For Students

We have already mentioned multiple times in this article about ‘Blogging’. It really helps in ranking your website throughout the search engines. Here’s why:

  • Start writing various articles about professional topics. If readers like them, then they will share them on other community pages with family and friends to help them discover your tutorial classes too.
  • Every article you write is your way to get into the search engines. Therefore it is safe to say that even the unrelated and unexpected searches that people make can enter your site. Even if the Blogs are highly competitive, you can use your blog posts as shortcuts and backdoors.
  • Getting listed on the marketplace, social media, and classified ads are all fine, but you need to focus these efforts on something. This is where blogging shines: your home, where you come from, and your everything. This is where you send your blog links and receive internet traffic from potential customers.

For tips & tutorials, keep reading more of our blog posts where we discuss various strategies to improve your tutoring business portfolio.



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