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Enable Learning On the Move with Calimatic’s Mobile Learning App

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Enable Learning On the Move with Calimatic’s Mobile Learning App

With each passing day, the global education industry is witnessing new innovations and technology. The EdTech industry is growing rapidly, with lots of learning tools and software available to help both teachers and students. Mobile learning is yet another technology that will slowly transforming the education industry. 

Most people have access to smartphones and the internet in today’s internet era. Based on this, it is essential to incorporate the use of mobiles for learning at schools, universities, etc. A user-friendly and responsive mobile learning app with top-level features is recommended. 

There are multiple apps with little utility and functions, and it can be hard to find the right learning app. However, there are EdTech software like Calimatic with a reliable and fully functional learning application. We will take a look at some Calimatic mobile learning app features and how they benefit the education industry. 

Improved collaboration and engagement

Most schools and colleges have shifted to online classes, especially after the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Through mobile phones, students and teachers can have better connectivity and collaboration with each other. Classes can be conducted online, and students can connect through a mobile learning app. 

Proper engagement was a major issue in E-learning because students could not talk properly with teachers and ask them doubts. Calimatic’s mobile app is universally supported on Android and iOS smartphones, and you don’t need a high-end device to run it. Just like a classroom atmosphere, teachers and students can collaborate in real time. Teachers can share knowledge, homework, assignments, etc., easily through the mobile app. 

Effective communication

Communication is a major part of any type of education. If a teacher cannot express himself properly to students, he won’t be able to teach properly. Mobile learning applications can be integrated with communication tools like Skype, Zoom, etc., to conduct classes smoothly and get everyone involved. Students can ask for help instantly and discuss their issues with teachers conveniently.

Lack of proper communication can also lead to students losing interest in academics and struggle. Through video conferencing, teachers can supervise a class properly, make sure every student follows what is taught, and help out students who face issues. Teaching cannot be done without effective communication, and mobile learning applications are ideal for this. 

Automated attendance and student records

School management requires a lot of staff members and resources to record students’ attendance and personal information. Calimatic’s mobile app helps automate most of these tasks and allows teachers to focus on teaching. Students can mark their attendance on the app instead of the traditional roll call system. 

Teachers spend unnecessary time and energy every day to record attendance, and automating this is a great relief. Through the app, you also get a single platform that stores all enrolment, personal, contact, and health records of each student. It is easy to check any students’ information from this record without going through a bundle of documents and files. 

Better scheduling and time-tracking

When you use a learning app, it allows you to create events and class schedules online. You can update the timetable, lecture timings, event schedules, date sheets, etc., on the app, and students will get notified automatically. Just open the app to have a look at future scheduling and school events. 

The school administration also benefits a lot as the app will help track staff’s shift timings and work schedule. You can assign individual tasks to staff through the app and supervise them. Also, you can store library records, inventory details, etc., on the app and integrate it with your website for ease-of-use. 

Promotes self-learning

Teachers are not available for the entire day, and students cannot count on them during off hours. However, through a learning app like Calimatic, self-learning is promoted. Students have access to recorded lectures, study material, tests, assignments, workshops, etc., on the application. Even without a teacher, they can study themselves through the mobile application. 

Also, teachers can create personalized learning content and assignments for students based on their strengths and difficulties. Students can use the app to work on subjects and fields they are weak in and improve. 

24×7 availability 

The best part about mobile learning apps is that you can use them any time on any day. In a classroom, you study only for the duration when the teacher is present and teaching. However, the app works 24×7 without stopping. 

If a student misses any lecture, he can attend recorded lectures through the application and get notes, worksheets, homework, etc., directly. Apps have chatbots that interact with students and assist them. Whether a student is sick, out of town, stuck somewhere, he will not miss his classes thanks to mobile learning. 

Easier to grade tests and assignments

Teachers can use Calimatic’s mobile app to create custom, personalized tests and assignments for students. Students can download the assignments through the app, complete them, and submit them conveniently to the teacher using the app. 

Teachers get assistance in grading tests as the mobile app can use certain grading systems and techniques to evaluate tests and assignments automatically. A lot of paperwork and work burden for teachers are reduced through this feature. 

Interactive and exciting learning through Gamification

Calimatic’s learning app uses elements of gamification to make the learning experience exciting for students. As students complete homework or assignments, they are awarded bonus points or grades. It encourages them to do better and be on top of the points leaderboard. 

Ratings, certificates, points, etc., are part of gamification and one of the best techniques to make learning interactive and competitive.


It is safe to say that mobile learning apps are the future of the education industry because of the multiple benefits and advantages offered by them. Calimatic and other reliable applications have a host of features that make teaching easier for teachers and the learning experience better for students. 

Modern technology has affected every industry in the world, and education is also on the same path. Incorporating the use of branded mobile apps in schools and educational institutions is highly effective, as discussed above. These apps can also be customized based on your institution’s needs, and we highly recommend using them. 

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