Branded LMS Mobile App for your Institute

Increase your Brand Identity by transforming EdTech Mobile app into your own brand. The interactive mobile app is simple to use, assertive and capitalizes your institute’s brand presence by taking it to the next level!

Calimatic EdTech's Branded LMS Mobile App

Branded Mobile App for Seamless Learning Experiences
- Smart Option for Smart People!

Dedicated Branded App

Increase your Brand recognization & Capitalize Revenues!

Your Logo & Colors

EdTech/LMS Mobile App made for your institute that includes your chosen App Name, Logo & Color Customizations to enhance personalized experiences.

Design & Development

Cut the costs of hiring app developers to start from scratch, develop & maintain. We work closely with you to White Label Calimatic EdTech Mobile app in line with your brand.

Apps on App Stores

We publish your branded app in the app stores in your company accounts - All set for your users to download & step into the future! Branded App works across all iOS & Android Platforms.

Looking for Custom Features?

EdTech Mobile App provides significant number of features that helps your Institute or Business. We know that each Institute or Business runs differently and offers different specializations or services.
Advance your branded mobile app with more custom features at reasonable cost.


Courses or Programs
Staff Time Tracker
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