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From LMS, SIS, ERP to CRM, admissions, Blended Learning & center management discover everything you would ever need to innovate your institution with extensive EdTech Features. 

Online Classes

The state of art online class features bring uninterrupted engagement to your virtual classroom with multi-faceted Calimatic Online Class.
From students teacher collaboration via live lectures, group sessions, whiteboard, chats to class polling, recordings and attendance management –create amazing blended learning experiences which you can control!
Secured Classes

Avoid unauthorized access with Calimatic multiple layer security, get the peace of mind to conduct your online classes. With flexible security permissions, you don’t need to worry about anonymous people joining the classes in the middle of the session.

Calimatic Hosted Video Conferencing

Use the default Calimatic hosted live virtual classes solution which gives secured and feature rich live video conferencing to get an enriched learning experience and student-teacher fruitful collaboration. Calimatic hosted video conferencing works on desktops, tablets and mobile – in a real-time class session.

White Boards

Give an actual classroom experience to your students with whiteboard functionality and facilitate learning. Leverage the multi-user white board in online classes where users can write and draw in real-time, making the sessions lively and collaborative, while the instructors have full control and safely set security permissions.

Multiple Secured Controls

Online class comes with a comprehensive catalogue of controls that allows the instructor to manage a virtual session with ease. Multiple options are there for the host to control their class without inference, from allowing members, video and audio controls, messages, class notes and more.


Learning Management System

Highly customizable platform with EdTech Features to meet your institutional needs – to store, organize, assign content and materials tailored to target user bases, support engagement and a space to advance learning.
Our comprehensive features ensure that LMS implementation in your campus goes smoothly.
Content Management
  • Terminology Customizations
  • Flexible Hierarchy Structure – Types, Categories, Courses/Subjects, Levels, Lessons, Challenges, etc
  • Library Management
  • Content Building
  • Manage Content across Franchises or Centers
  • Customizations (Add new fields & customize fields)
  • Define Learning Paths
Blended Learning (Self Learning & Instructor Led)
  • Instructor led LMS Structure
  • Self Learning LMS Structure
  • Optimized for both Distance Learning and Onsite Learning
  • Classes & Events creation for Blended Learning
  • Create customized Enrollment Forms for multiple types
Flexible Content Types
  • Rich Text Editors
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Attachments/Files
  • Assignments/Homework
  • HTML5 Files or Animations
  • Code Compilers, etc
Website Integration
  • Display Courses, Classes & Events from LMS in to your website
  • Integrate Enrollment pages in to your website
  • Display Preview lessons on your website & ability to pay for the paid courses
  • Handle both Self Learning & Instructor led courses
  • Configurations to view Number of Lessons, Students enrolled, Course Duration, Skill Level, Instructors, Reviews
  • Configure to make free or paid lesson wise
  • UI styling configurations


Student Information System

Unify student data, build a foundation for your organization and innovate great experiences with state-of- the-art school management systems (SIS).
Track students in your institution from admission records to skill set management, user feedbacks and real-time updates from boards in your grasp.
Cloud-Based ERP

Our suite of modules fully integrates as ERP to provide your organization global as well as region-specific solutions creating more meaningful and dedicated business functionalities.

Students Profiles

Create personalized education plans with learner profiles focusing on student strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Backpack administrative information into a complete student profile for secure and prospective management.

Attendance Management

Monitor attendance for students on day to day basis without increasing paperwork. Calimatic SIS feature lets you store and track group as well as individual presence and absentee detailed records – in a single, simplified system

Skill Sets (Ratings, Badges, Certificates)

Calimatic helps in supporting instructional decision making using student achievement data including ratings, points and performance records to streamline maintaining and organizing student progress.

Franchise Management

Franchise supervision was never this easy.
All kind of data and reports, relationship management between and within centers, on boarding and enrollment models and all kind of customizations – everything is made simple to stay connected and handle all your management at one convenient place with efficient EdTech Features.
Enquiry & Enrollment Management
  • Enquiry Form Customizations – Sections, Fields, etc
  • Integrate Enquiry Form to your website
  • Selection & Enrollment Process
  • Enrollment Form Customizations – Sections, Fields, etc
  • Franchises Statuses (workflow)
Agreements & Document Management
  • Add Agreements and make them visible based on the Franchise status
  • Manage Agreements approval process.
  • Create and Manage Documents in Folder structure
  • Make documents visible based on the Franchise status
Individualized and/or Synchronized
  • Add & Sync Learning Content to Franchises based on their status & stage
  • Each Franchise will have separate LMS Accounts (Admin, Executives, Coordinator, Instructors, Parents & Students)
  • Customize each Franchise settings separately based on their process
Franchise Billing & Payments
  • Assign Franchise Fees & Collect Payments.
  • One-time and Recurring Payments
  • Setup deduction (% or fixed amount) per enrollment received by the Franchise
  • Billing information Management (Credit Card or Bank Account or other types based on the payment gateway).

Classes & Events Management

Get ultimate coverage of online class structures and events calendar. Design customized classes and event enrollment forms, set flexible payment options and multiple signups.
Conduct Classes on Boards with several capabilities. Maximize engagement with extensive detailing of slots, fees and coupons.
Extensive Class Configurations
  • Classes at flexible hierarchy structure
  • Onsite or Online Classes Structure
  • Multiple Dates & Timings Flexibility
  • Locations & Instructors Assignment
  • Slots, Payments, Fees, Coupons, etc configs
Events Managements
  • Multiple Timings Configuration
  • Integrate to your Website to display Events with UI Styling Configurations
  • Events Calendar
  • Onsite and Online Events Management
Class Boards
  • Track all Students progress for the assigned Class
  • Class White Boards
  • Class Coding Boards (with Compilers)
  • Email Class Students & Parents
  • Online Class capabilities
Class & Event Enrollments
  • Multiple Enrollment Forms Configuration
  • Flexible Enrollment Payment Configurations
  • Customizable Enrollment Forms
  • Ability to enroll to multiple Classes at the same time.

Admissions & Enrollments

Streamline your admission process with paperless enrollments – one-click website integrated.
Create better opt-in application forms with multiple payment options during signups, course/program selections, coupons/discounts, and mapping of student data. Easily track revenues, fees or failed transactions and everything from student to franchise billing reports.
Online Enrollment Forms
  • Create from Simple to more detailed Online Enrollment Forms
  • Customize the Enrollment forms with Sections & Fields of your choice
  • Ability to enable or disable Payment collection during Enrollment
  • Embed Enrollment Forms in your website
  • Enable/Disable Portal Access with Enrollments
Enrollments for Courses/Programs & Events
  • Setup different Enrollment forms for different types of Programs / Courses / Events to capture the information you need
  • Flexible Enrollment Payment Configurations
  • Ability to enroll to multiple Classes / Programs / Courses / Events at the same time
  • Ability to enroll multiple Students of a Family at the same time
Admission Fees or Payments
  • Manage Multiple Fees/Payments setup and assignments
  • Coupons or Discounts
  • Collect Fees & Payments online
  • Transactions Tracking & Statements
Reports & Analytics
  • Audit Reports to track Pending Payments/Fees & Failed Transactions
  • Billing Reports to track your revenue
  • Enrollment & De-enrollment Reports
  • Reports for Franchises/Centers Billing & Enrollments


Exams or Tests or Quizzes

Calimatic is an all in all system to overcome barriers of assessing & evaluation by introducing seamless online examinations/assessments in a secure way. With exceptional capabilities & configurations, the Platform brings great flexibility & scalability.
Online Assessments
  • Secured Online Assessments
  • Multiple Choice and other Answer Types
  • Individualized or Define as part of Lesson Plans
  •  Interactive image or PDF Questions
Offline Assessments
  • Add results of Offline Assessments
  • Manage for different topics
  • Generate charts to compare results between different time points
Auto and Manual Evaluation
  • Auto Evaluation of the Assessment to save time & effort
  • Auto Evaluation for the Interactive image or PDF based questions.
  • Manual Evaluation for the questions that can’t be auto evaluated
Points & Grading System
  • Assessment based or Question based Points configuration
  • Result configurations – Pass percentage, Points, Numeric based
  • Rubric Grading at Assessment level or Question level

Staff Management

A comprehensive structure to bridge the gaps between administration and staff for seamless management of your institute along with EdTech Features. Flexibility to manage staff information, skill management, staff schedules, time in and out, monitor staff tasks and integrate payroll services – all at one place.
Staff Information
  • Extensive Staff Details Capturing
  • Staff Skill Set, Certifications and Experience Info
  • Manage different Staff Roles and their Permissions
  • Manage Staff separately for each Center or Franchise
Staff Boards
  • Intuitive way of Tracking Staff Progress
  • Create Pre-defined Tasks & assign to Staff as needed
  • Ability for Staff to manage their assigned Class Boards.
Staff Schedules
  • Assign Schedules to Staff
  • Setup Wages for the Schedules
  • Request for Covers
  • Manage Trade Shift
Class & Event Assignments
  • Assign Classes or Courses/Subjects to the Staff
  • Assign Events to Staff
  • Setting to make the assignment automatic for all the Staff for all Courses/Subjects

Billing & Payments

Calimatic has everything in one localized place for secure, transparent accounting and payment management. From setting billing information to handling bundles of fees, enrollment payments, coupons/discounts and more – we are here to systemize the whole financial process for you.
Academics Fees Management
  • Manage Multiple Fees setup and assignments
  • Coupons or Discounts
  • Collect Fees online
  • Reports & Analytics
Multiple Payment Gateways
  • US – Accepts both Credit & Debit cards via Stripe.
  • US – Accepts Bank Accounts via Stripe & Plaid.
  • India – Accepts all different ways that RazorPay supports
  • Other Countries – Accepts both Credit & Debit cards via Stripe.
Multiple Payment & Fees Options
  • Class and Events Payments
  • Ability to Charge or Don’t Charge during enrollment
  • Adhoc Payments or Fees
  • Flexible Recurring Payments
  • Hold Payments for specific duration(s).
Secured Billing Management
  • Calimatic does not store any billing info and everything is securely handled by the Payment Gateways
  • Ability for Parents to add multiple Billing options
  • Ability for Parents set one Primary account


Customer Relationship Management

Build a strong communication, create an engaging environment for better organization success through effective customer relationship along with EdTech Features. Organize all aspects of your institute’s admissions/enrollments and operations, engage contacts, communicate with prospects, knowledge base, manage leads as well as broadcast mass messages via announcements.
Unlimited Leads Management
  • Manage unlimited leads (for any plan)
  • Import or Export Leads
  • Custom Fields data
  • Manage different Lead Sources
Enquiries Management
  • Setup multiple enquiry forms for different purposes
  • Integrate Enquiry forms into the website
  • Customize your enquiry forms (fields, look & feel)
Email Marketing & SMS
  • Create & Manage unlimited Email Templates
  • Send Emails & SMS to Users & Leads
  • Ability to track email delivery
  • Track if emails are opened
Knowledge Base & Newsletters
  • Create Articles, knowledge base or newsletters
  • Create for users who uses the portal
  • Create for external audience & share

Mobile Application

Calimatic advances blended experience to meet distant learning hurdles. Our native mobile application for iOS & Android offer hassle free distribution of knowledge on the go with Efficient EdTech Features. Connect through any device, manage online classes, student attendance, staff time tracking, and all system notifications – anywhere, anytime!
Courses or Programs
  • Self Learning Capabilities
  • Online Classes Joining
  • Assignments & Homework Submissions
  • Video Lessons & multiple format lessons
  • Parents & Students Communication with Instructors
  • Communication with Parents & Students
  • Staff Communication
  • Online Attendance
  • View attendance information
  • Kiosk functionality
  • Online Classes automatic attendance
Staff Time Tracker
  • Staff Schedules Management
  • Submit Timesheets, Expenses and Time Off
  • Request Covers

Other EdTech Features

We provide much more than just an online solution to cover eLearning aspects. Connect all users, standardize content, and organize centers – everything that will fuel your institute management. Plus, use all the unique tools to make education more personal and students more satisfied.
Calimatic LMS - Interactive Board Management for Students, Staff, Class
Idea Management
  • Create Challenges for the Students
  • Capture Student ideas for the Challenges
  • Establish Student enrichment through Idea Process
  • Documents – Google Drive and One Drive
  • Payment Gateways – Stripe, Plaid, Razor Pay
  • Online Class – Zoom, Google Meet
  • Ask us for any other custom integrations

We work with you to understand your needs and offer any customizations or enhancement to collaborate towards moving you to the next level.

Security Roles & Permissions

With extensive flexibility, you have the ability to manage the permissions of the system functionalities for different roles (like Admins, Executives, Coordinators, Instructors, Parents, Students)

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