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Learning Management Systems: Future of Advanced Virtual Learning Environments

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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), as by the name of it, is the advancement of learning in the digital setting. The term is gaining momentum in the current Pandemic ridden world.

To cope with this changing norm, Learning Management Systems became, perhaps, the first of a new genre of web-based learning, while engulfing VLE as its integral part.

A famous citation by Professor McLaughlin, characterizes the central learning paradigm around virtual learning environment and customization of teaching and learning to meet the needs of each learner as the agenda for future education.

“Each patient of a doctor has individualized treatment plans. Education should be no different”

Thus, the cream of the crop learning management platform has become the one that follows customization of their system to a learner-first approach – the more constructive approach towards educational training and instruction!

The Connecting Factors:

Virtual Learning Environment and Learning Management Systems

LMS softwares have adapted to embrace the shift in learning by adopting virtual learning environments (VLE) and facilitate small and large institutions to the max.

Let us dig into both these aspects that have facilitated remote learning greatly and verdict how building a modern, engaging eLearning capacities in your institute’s LMS can change the face of future education and content delivery for your business.

  • Education Facilitation Model

The basic concept of both virtual learning environment and learning management systems is the facilitation of teaching and education via distant learning.

While VLE is efficient in delivering learning materials to the students, Learning management systems in educational sectors empower any institute to create customized learning paths, promote significant inter-personal interaction between learners and the trainers, as well as progress tracking and user engagement with reward system.

Numerous LMS platforms now function as efficient VLE systems to promote the love of digitalized learning experiences. Take for one Calimatic LMS as an interactive mode of virtual learning. It adds value to smart learning environment and helping institutions to cope with the changing pedagogies.

  • Much More than Virtual Classroom

When you are planning to shift from traditional education plans and move to a virtual setting, you would look to start incorporating modern technologies that support the progress of your institute as well as offer blended learning experiences.

Calimatic LMS is much more than typical website video-based software as it covers multitude of learning options. As it is not just a virtual classroom, an institute with the integration of Calimatic LMS will get supported synchronous learning with high end features to ease student management and facilitate tracking, reporting, time scheduling, examinations and testing, surveys, grading and more.

facilitate tracking, reporting, time scheduling - virtual learning

  • Massive Content Library

The need for an LMS to be a complete facilitation tool is that It should be support content authoring including:

  1. Managing sizable amount of content,
  2. Content structure and organization,
  3. Building of courses with images, videos and other assets,
  4. Access and control over content course delivery,
  5. Ease of conducting examinations and result tracking.

Thus building of beneficial VLE via LMS will help trainers to create, store and disseminate content, plan courses and lessons and foster communication between student and teachers even in real-time.

  • Tailor-Made Learning Pathways

Investing in a scalable and secure LMS is advisable as it provides your business to function on “your” terms. Like Calimatic LMS, you can fully structure your virtual institute and organization of your work – providing a headway to tailored learning outcomes.

VLE structure - Calimatic EdTech

Position each aspect of your emerging knowledge base, tailor landscape, and create virtual learning experiences which are motivating and engaging, but also efficient, relevant and collaborative.

  • Media Rich Learning Dashboards

Having an online space for interactivity and collaboration for both students and instructors strengthens learning experiences. Interactive dashboards are, hence, the nerve center of your eLearning system which combines only relevant, personalized information specific to the user, creating efficient experiences.

interactive media rich Learning Dashboards - Calimatic EdTech

Calimatic LMS also provides enrichment boards for educators and student giving access to preassigned tasks, class notes engagements, homework assignments which can be aided with attachments and notes, offline whiteboard usability, and event / announcement notifications – everything to advance futuristic eLearning environment.

Calimatic EdTech - class notes engagements, homework assignments

  • Advanced Reporting and Progress Analytics

Another part of LMS facilitating VLE setups is via assessment enrichment tools and analytics that help in track progress to reports and gamify achievements.

Calimatic EdTech - progress trackingTeachers are at the leverage of successfully implementing tests and surveys all year round, with Calimatic online setup, without having to work around extensively.  The advanced analytics features are also at hand to monitor progress of students at individual or group levels by creating online and offline assessments or tracking points systems.

 Our platform makes it easy to identify, analyze, and communicate student progress to parents, schools, or other stakeholders, and mentor success rate with the support of online certificates and badges.

Calimatic EdTech - gamification

  • Teacher Support to Deliver Education

Calimatic LMS is a true virtual learning system as it gives teachers and students a virtual home for developing a co-learning environment. 

Virtual collaboration through live video lectures, group discussion, interactive white board for easy online tutoring and recorded class notes for student mentoring are all there to enable teachers so that they can plan and implement much more versatile eLearning modules than ever before. 

  • Unlocking Technology to Deliver Education

Having a VLE LMS platform to advance learning is to have mobile-ready, M-Learning supported software with responsive device designs. It’s a no brainer!

Mobile enabled LMS Solution facilitates remote virtual learning like nothing else. It is the new pedagogy as student, educator as well as administrator get readily available access to variety of content and get their tasks done through the use of their pocket friendly devices.

In this time and date, a large part of VLE embraces having a virtual learning place where pupils and tutors can create, upload and share resources, this LMS with mobile supportive app is a necessity!

Calimatic LMS - mLearning microLearning

  • Promoting Digital Well-Being of Institute

All in all, incorporating a modern virtual learning environment in your Learning Management System bridges the gaps and provide better eLearning outcomes.

As we head towards a more engaged learning spectrums, the dry old-school modules are put to dust, and in turn more technologically advanced and mobilized features of LMS emerge that provide promoting digital well-being of an institution.

Accordingly, the right kind of learning management system will give better content accessibility, educational flexibility, personalization of system, collaboration, and unprecedented access to highly useful learning analytics.

Calimatic EdTech - complete institute management


All Inclusive LMS Overpowers Any Ordinary VLE

“Tell me, I’ll forget.

Show me, I’ll remember.

Involve me, I’ll understand.” – Chinese Proverb

Even though numerous educational facilities still focus on basic VLEs, like Zoom or Meet, the adaptation of such systems have only created a mess for them. As said in the aforementioned proverb, user involvement is essential to create an impactful learning environment which VLEs alone do not cover.  

Only a complete education model, such as Learning management system, can do justice to both students and instructors and cope up with the institutional closures – and maybe in the era post Pandemic.

common LMS uses

This graphic representation highlights the use of LMS in facilitating virtual learning environment for small to midsized and high-end institutes and enterprises.

Calimatic LMS has proven itself to cater to the urgent demand of eLearning in educational enterprises as well as learning centers, while outlining every aspect of VLE strategy and simplified transfer of knowledge for enhanced learner’s experience.

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