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From LMS, SIS, ERP to CRM, admissions & center management discover everything you would ever need to innovate your Higher Education institution. 

Innovative Solutions Beyond SIS for Higher Education

Higher Ed requires a more advanced eLearning setup than junior levels. Not every other platform meets the requirements that advances campus efficiency.

They need a

Fully integrated solution, more personalized, and user targeted: Calimatic!

Calimatic for higher education levels is designed to provide content curation with sophisticated content management systems (CMS), intelligent back-office operations with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and fully functional tracking, reporting, user collaboration and data automation and delivery via learning management system (LMS) integration.  

One-Stop Higher Ed Management Solution

We give end to end comprehensive lifecycle information system for student, faculty and the academia.

With Calimatic students and instructors coordinate on multiple levels and measure progress to thrive learning. Our pragmatic CMS, LMS and higher education SIS helps users access more data, get more value out the information provided and work at a higher administrative levels efficiently.

Calimatic EdTech - Online Classes, LMS, ECM, SIS, Boards, Assessments, Franchise Management, CRM for Higher Education, Learning Center, Online Tutoring, K-12

Framework to Handles all Aspects of Higher Ed Processes

Coherent E-Learning Model for System Collaboration

We strive to build an impactful virtual environment via LMS integration within colleges and universities where seamless CRM and ERP work hand in hand to give smart solutions to all actionable management activities.

Provide your higher education institution new administrative dimensions, speed up operational processes and decrease the risk of data loss and unauthorized access.

Bringing Agility to Institutions: End to End Management!

Calimatic LMS - Interactive Board Management for Students, Staff, Class

Calimatic, an all-inclusive, one-stop, e-learning solution targets multiple aspects of academia advancement online such as administration, course design and management, progress tracking, assessment, classroom interactivity and more – now unified within a single, easy-to-use solution.

Deploy a workable script and market your business for more student admissions and campus growth with website automation. Quick access to enrollment forms, and ease of large college/university data collection, all from embedded course scripts.

Calimatic covers everything from customer management (CRM) to organization planning (ERP) and library management (ECM). Get an interconnected system for your enterprise combining all the traditional business applications under the hood, create structured knowledge-base, content resources as well as manage communications efficiently.

Advance to multidimensional assessment criteria with rubric type grading and feedback system in higher education. From challenges to tasks, assignments, projects and examinations, Calimatic supports integrating of scale-based rating technology into teaching, from initial curriculum design to the use of e-learning tools.

Calimatic streamlines school and Higher Ed resources with robust management information systems to give you a fully integrated and secure financial management and track individual student data. Manage all accounts, organize and store data such as fee management, inventories and transactions through one easy and systemized module.

Calimatic Scalability – Advancing the System’s Pertinence

Feature Updates

Bringing frequent optimal changes in the system to reduce compatibility issues, enhance feature quality, and to minimize the learning curves for users.

Mobile Application

Enhancing micro-learning via Calimatic LMS mobile application, helping all system users to access learning content at ease and ensure better management experiences.

Multi-Lingual Options

Calimatic multi-lingual feature assists institutions build a global eLearning community – operational from one centralized platform. Eliminate communication gaps between teachers and students from K-12 levels and up.

Built-In Analytical Data Charts and Reports

Reporting features and analytics are there to help professionals chalk down crucial information, get feedback and keep progress tracking with Calimatic. Make your data more effective to leverage your institution online.

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