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How Virtual Learning Is The New Normal

Virtual Learning

How Virtual Learning Is The New Normal

As vaccine distribution rolls out and life in a post-pandemic world begins to return to normal, it appears that some COVID-19 trends are here to stay. Many trends that were begun to preserve health and safety during the pandemic are continuing on into a new way of life. Among these is the trend of virtual learning.

Used in schools to teach children from home, virtual teaching embraces technology to provide education. Common platforms include Zoom, Google Meet, and Calimatic EdTech.

Virtual Learning for Families

During the pandemic, many parents opted for virtual learning instead of having their children exposed to risks in school every day. Now that the pandemic is winding down, some parents are recognizing that virtual learning works well for their children and are opting to keep it that way as a “new normal” way of life.

Other families were forced to embrace virtual learning as schools shut down during the pandemic. Some children were only offered virtual learning, while others could choose a hybrid or in-person approach. Some of these families recognized the benefits virtual learning can have with their children, such as increased attention due to screens and staying at home.

Virtual Teaching for Teachers

Many teachers embraced this new challenge of virtual teaching and thought of creative ways to use technology to keep their students engaged. Even though they weren’t able to engage with their students face-to-face in the classroom, they created clever videos, interactive assignments, and engagement lessons all via technology.

Now as the pandemic continues to wind down, many teachers are opting to keep a technology-styled approach to learning in their classrooms. Many teachers have recognized an increase in engagement when using technology to support learning. As a result, many teachers have begun to adopt elements of virtual teaching into their classroom lessons to increase interest among students.

Will it Ever Go Back to Normal?

It’s safe to say that instead of things going back to “normal,” the pandemic has shaped a type of new normal for everyday life. As a result, virtual teaching, or at least elements of it, are here to stay. The overall benefits of increased student engagement and creativity with lesson planning help teachers figure out how to increase interest among students. Instead of learning to go back to normal, the pandemic has helped set standards for a new way of life.

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