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Calimatic Marketplace empowers educators, instructors, and activity providers to attract more learners, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable growth.

Why Calimatic?

Why Choose Calimatic

Reach and engage millions of learners worldwide with Calimatic EdTech, the all-in-one marketplace for online and onsite offerings.

All-In-One Platform

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools! Calimatic handles everything from course creation and hosting to enrollment management, payments, and communication – all in one easy-to-use platform.

Enrollment Boost

Our platform is built to help you reach more learners and increase enrollments through targeted marketing, easy discoverability, and a seamless signup process.

Boost Your Visibility

Maximize your visibility and attract the ideal students with our integrated marketing features. These tools are designed to help you effectively promote your offerings, ensuring they reach the right audience.

Free to List

It is free to list any number of offerings in the Calimatic marketplace. Only when a student registers and we bring you extra income, we take a small commission of 8%.

What can you Offer?

What can you offer on Calimatic?

Discover the extensive range of offerings on Calimatic, designed to enhance and streamline your services.

Onsite Offerings

Share your knowledge and skills in person through engaging sessions and workshops.

Camps & Programs

Create immersive multi-day or ongoing programs for students of all ages.

Online Offerings

Design interactive and high-quality online offerings on any topic, attracting students from anywhere in the world.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Memberships & Subscriptions: Offer exclusive services through recurring subscriptions.
Increase Enrollments by reaching to more audience
Join Our Community

Become part of the Calimatic community

Set your own prices and earn revenue through student enrollments and participation.

Establish yourself as a leading educator in your field and gain valuable recognition.

Empower individuals to learn, grow, and achieve their goals through your unique educational offerings.

Smart Promotion Strategies

Boost Your Presence with Smart Promotion!

Amplify your visibility and reach with strategic marketing and promotion. Our expert solutions will help you connect with your target audience, drive engagement, and grow your brand effectively.


Enhanced Visibility and Exposure

 Benefit from Calimatic’s extensive marketing reach to attract new students and expand your audience.


Built-in Marketing Tools

Utilize social sharing features, referral programs, and email marketing capabilities to promote your offerings effectively.


Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Encourage student feedback and testimonials to build trust and credibility within the Calimatic community.
Easy to use multiple features
Robust Management Tools

Streamlined Operations and Management

Optimize your efficiency with streamlined operations and management. Our solutions simplify administrative tasks, improve workflow, and enhance overall productivity, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Effortless Registration and Payment

Simplified Instructor Management

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Real-Time Rosters and Attendance Tracking

Our Features

Seamless Integration, Full Compatibility, and Extra Support!

Integration with Your Website

Easily embed Calimatic’s registration and payment features directly into your existing website for a unified experience. All under your brand and under your domain

Comprehensive Help Center

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for strategy foster collaborative thinking

Dedicated Provider Support

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for strategy foster collaborative thinking

Support from team

Drive your learning success today, with Calimatic 

Enhance your educational journey with Calimatic. Our platform provides the tools and support you need for successful learning. Start achieving your goals today!

Drive your learning success today, with Calimatic 


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