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Key Strategies to Increase Student Enrollment At Your School

Student Enrollment

Key Strategies to Increase Student Enrollment At Your School

The demand for enrollment in private schools has rapidly increased but stats show that only 4.5 million students have joined schools in the past year. The increase in new students has been almost negligible, and schools are finding it difficult to attract students. A combination of onsite and tech-savvy online classes is being adopted across educational institutes to tackle this. 

Private schools and colleges will make profits and revenue only if students enroll to study there. However, according to a recent 2020 survey, over 50% of community schools and colleges had concerns about fulfilling enrolment and admission goals. Improving the policies, facilities, and quality of education at your school are important but not enough to increase student enrolment.

Many schools are trying out innovative, fresh strategies to boost enrolment at their institution. Technology has come a long way, and incorporating it into your recruitment strategy is essential. Here you will also learn about on how to increase enrolment in public schools as well.

Let’s read about some key strategies to increase and maintain student enrolment at your school and Learn how to increase school enrolment

  1. Switch to Blended Learning
  2. Handle and Communicate better with Clients through a CRM tool
  3. Never stop Lead Nurturing
  4. Create a strong online presence, especially on Social Media Platforms
  5. Use an SIS tool for your Institution
  6. Place Reviews and Testimonials on the School Website

Switch to Blended Learning

Blended learning or hybrid learning has been on the rise rapidly, especially after the Coronavirus situation worldwide. Almost all institutions switched to online classes, with teachers taking a class through video conferencing applications. Now some schools have opened and are implementing blended learning in different ways.

You can set up a schedule where a group of students will attend school for two days a week and attend online classes from home for the rest of the week. Students will experience live in-person teaching and can spend time on their academics at home also.

Blended learning can go a long way in increasing student enrollment because students like being independent. They are motivated to learn in a better way and develop specific skills. Various classroom distractions are also eliminated through blended learning. If you implement this strategy correctly, more and more students will want to join your school.

Handle and Communicate better with Clients through a CRM tool

You need an engaging and positive environment at your school to attract and communicate with clients better. When a potential student or their parents contact your school authorities regarding admission, you must create a friendly and emotional bridge. Parents may backtrack if you don’t impress them the first time and take too long to respond.

Through a CRM tool, you can handle all this conveniently and fast. You will get proper help in automating and organizing your school’s enrollment process, communicating with clients, storing contact info and data, generating and managing leads, etc.

These CRM tools can be integrated with your school website so that everything becomes easy and convenient. You can even create enrollment forms, customize them, and keep your clients informed at all times.

Never Stop Lead Nurturing

Generating leads is vital for marketing but maintain leads is not easy at all. In the education industry, you need to interact with a student’s family at least five times before enrolling their kid at your school. You have to pass all information related to admission and answer all queries of your leads convincingly to increase enrollment.

A CRM tool will help a lot in managing and nurturing leads. You can manage unlimited leads and store individual data associated with each one. You can make newsletters, information brochures, articles, etc., for your leads. Send instant e-mails to your leads regarding enrollment and check if they open them.

A personalized and informative interaction with leads will impress them. When students and families see your school making this much effort, they will like their kids to study at your school.

Create a strong Online Presence, Especially on Social Media Platforms

Almost half of the world uses social media currently. There is no better time to create an engaging social media account and website for your school. Your website should have great SEO so that it shows up in search engine results. Stay active and upload informative content and blogs based on enrollment, school values, curriculum, etc., regularly. Let people know about your institution.

Do not forget to place admission advertisements, enrollment forms, and contact info on your website. On your school’s social media account, you can announce enrollment offers, deals, events, etc. You can upload photos and videos of your school activities, premises, etc.

Online marketing is really effective, and many people will get attracted to your school if you have a strong online presence. If students and parents like your content, they will surely consider your school.

Use an SIS Tool for your Institution

When you use a well-developed student information system (SIS) for your school, you can deliver better learning to students. It gives you a platform to store information of every student that enrolls in your school. You can track every individual’s progress, skills, weaknesses, etc.

You can manage everyone’s attendance, demographics, health records, etc., automatically and focus solely on providing the best education. Stay updated regarding fee payments, leaves, course reports, etc., through the SIS tool.

Students will prefer studying at your school when you have a systematic and effective SIS tool in use. Teachers can forget about other factors and focus on teaching. You can even stay in touch with students and parents through automated e-mails and feedback requests.

Place Reviews and Testimonials on the School Website

Testimonials and client reviews are a big part of marketing of any type. When people hear other people speak about a particular company or product, they generally believe it. You should use positive testimonials from former and current students to inform and attract new students. The chances of new student enrollments will increase when they hear good things about your institution.

Also, you should try to conduct a survey after every school year where students and parents can give their feedback. This will let you know about what students like and don’t like about your institution. You can improve on all aspects, and this will ultimately help increase student enrollment.


These are tough times, and we understand that increasing student enrollment at your school is not an easy task. However, you need to start somewhere if you want more students to study at your school and drive your revenue up. This cannot be done instantly, but you will be on the correct path if you follow the strategies we talked about above.

For schools and colleges, Calimatic offers an effective student enrollment management system like which also includes education tools like CRM, SIS, LMS, etc. Such tools can be utilized in improving the quality of education and handle students better. It is also effective in managing leads and letting people know about your admission programs and offers. Take the right steps, and you can surely increase student enrollment at your school.

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