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From LMS, Staff Management, Payments to CRM, admissions & center management discover everything you would ever need to innovate your Learning Centers. 

Redefining Enterprise and Student Enrichment for Learning Center or Academies

Having to manage a continuous cycle of admissions and enrollments is a tiring task for learning centers. Even the large course libraries, user databases and alumni management follows complex paperwork.

They need a

Cloud-based, one all-in-one solution to improve business & student enrichment: Calimatic!

Calimatic is supporting all, small medium and large educational centers and academies to make impactful online presence and deliver intelligently. While offering innovative way to introduce blended experience for the students, Calimatic convenient LMS, Staff Management and CRM ensures that your academy is spending less time managing and more time on learning and business improvement.

Innovative Solution to Advance Student Networking

Calimatic EdTech provides complete academic enrichment for students and centers by giving an engaged environment offering all-inclusive management including bulk student enrollments, admissions, attendance and credits as well as structured document and student records inventory, smooth learning content delivery for students, and high-security data management and document uploads.

Calimatic EdTech - Online Classes, LMS, ECM, SIS, Boards, Assessments, Franchise Management, CRM for Higher Education, Learning Center, Online Tutoring, K-12

Simplified Information Systems for Learning Centers

Automate Academic and Administrative Processes

Calimatic combines powerful tools for academic effectiveness. Everything from online billing, invoicing, and payment tracking to connecting via emails and messages, scheduling classes and events, keeping record of staff and student attendances and easily accessible data collection – we ensure you can operate your center successfully.

Advancing End to End Performance for Learning Centers

Franchise Management Solution - Manage Franchises for the Learning Centers or Academies

Calimatic advances educational outcomes with integration of performance systems that regulate student engagement, manages institutional administration while getting support for learning center system configuration, user collaborations, course content authoring and more.

From managing live online classes to keeping a check on attendance, time in and out, and managing networks, Calimatic simplifies each process to advance learning center productivity and provide scalability.

Calimatic integrated and personalized online forms and one-click website enrollment facility engages students and parents and fosters prospective leads and applications.

The game-changing centralized resource catalog is important for library and course management in the system. Calimatic is the perfect match for your content making it transferable, structured and centralized for access securely within the system!

Calimatic covers everything from customer relations, student management, content delivery and complete learning center organization. Get an interconnected system for your business, create structured knowledge-base, content resources as well as manage communications efficiently.

Calimatic Scalability – Advancing the System’s Pertinence

Feature Updates

Bringing frequent optimal changes in the system to reduce compatibility issues, enhance feature quality, and to minimize the learning curves for users.

Mobile Application

Enhancing micro-learning via Calimatic LMS mobile application, helping all system users to access learning content at ease and ensure better management experiences.

Multi-Lingual Options

Calimatic multi-lingual feature assists institutions build a global eLearning community – operational from one centralized platform. Eliminate communication gaps between teachers and students from K-12 levels and up.

Built-In Analytical Data Charts and Reports

Reporting features and analytics are there to help professionals chalk down crucial information, get feedback and keep progress tracking with Calimatic. Make your data more effective to leverage your institution online.

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