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M-Learning: Mobile-Enabled LMS a Complete Education Solution!

M-Learning - Mobile enabled learning

The boom of technology has made its transition to pocket devices! So let us discuss how M-Learning is taking over all things intelligence — including education!

Year 2020 has brought an influx of learning management systems and only those who have adapted to the change have withstood the competition in the market. But wiser are those who planned further ahead and harness the power of mobile technology (termed as m-learning) to make their businesses more divergent.

A more frequently asked question remains;

Is m-learning different than e-learning?


Yes, and no.

Mobile learning is a natural progression – a new pedagogy – of online education. The clinch of the statement is that e-learning is transiting towards m-learning.

It may not be an integral part of virtual learning but m-learning compliments the business infrastructures in the digital world.  

Mobiles are Changing the Learning Games!

The use of mobiles has become more than just a mere hobbyit’s a necessity! When the luxury of owning a digitally stable education system is essential, and remote learning becomes the most lucrative option!

In the e-learning industry, post-COVID world, learning management systems became the forerunners in education administration as they provided seamless student enrichment tools as well as end-to-end solutions for institutions. While the intricacy of e-learning is resolved by LMS applications, the basic hurdles of remote learning still loomed around.

E-learning via online applications seemed like a good option, but fully compatible mobile applications that are offering as much as web integrated softwares have definitely took the lead.

Someone who ready to give you web-based as well as mobile enabled learning options, is like getting “best of both worlds”.

Who will be “your” favourite pick?

Web-based platforms or LMS softwares that can be integrated with pocket-sized devices. I think the decision is obvious!

Mobile-LMS Integration Creates Engaging Learning Experiences

Fact: M-education facilitates distant learning like nothing else!

Therefore, best learning management systems that comes with mobile application integration have created countless opportunities for educational setups to engage learners, even from far end of the world, like never before.

M-Learning - Business Growth

Online classrooms require you to generate more scenarios that will help in creating engaging experiences with minimalist efforts. SaaS applications that include media-rich tools aids collaboration between students and instructors while creating better understandings.

But let us be sure of the fact that having just a website doesn’t automatically mean your institution is ready for mobile learning.

For a mobile enabled learning structures, here are some things your fully-functional LMS should focus on:

M-Learning Courses List

Adding Value to Content

Structuring lessons and courses online is a taxing task which can either fail miserably or you can jump-up your game by integrating native e-learning softwares.

A workable application will offer flexibility from conceptualizing to implementing and merging your courses/ content library according to the learning structures designed to run on mobile devices.

Learning with Videos

Includes Auditory, Visual Elements

Next step from learning content is to bring stimulus in an online class. Integration of media, video conferencing, and chat/communication in a virtual setting is important for classmates and instructors to stay connected.

Real-time working of video based live lectures and discussions via mobile devices creates smart interactions to learning content on the go.

Assessments with E-Learning

Practicing Higher-level Evaluation Model

As important as the right kind of techniques and tools to improve students’ knowledge and learning, it is vital to look for a system that integrates all the core features for testing for a progressive experience.

There are many educational systems in the market, now a day, that offer mobile testing accessibility. From student challenges, tests, quizzes, and other examinations, main evaluation functionalities can be made portable to help all audiences.

With multiple multi-media plugins and smart examination options, students can remotely access their assessments, perform with ease and such options facilitates the examiners to calculate student potential from the comfort of their couch.

Mobile Communication with Calimatic LMS Mobile App

Embraces Users via Messaging and Communication Channels

Yes, the mode of communication in a LMS mobile app is as important as other student enrichment tools. The ease of sending messages, emails and conduct an important dialog from wherever they are, whenever they want.

From admin levels to instructors and students to parents & all stakeholders – a mobile-enabled communication tool in a learning management system will connect internal and external audiences, with targeted and general announcements.

Various versions of mobile apps are available that are reflecting the content of the educational programs and the nature of the student assignments.

The cornerstone of success in a LMS software with m-learning capabilities will include all these fundamental tools for an efficient educational delivery and better institute functioning in a virtual setting.

Mobile-Enabled LMS is the Complete Solution!

Numerous learning management systems comes in the spot-light that are paving way via e-learning mobile application.

Many smart LMS systems for e-learning such as Blackboard, Talent LMS, Canvas LMS, Calimatic LMS, Moodle & iSpring Learn etc offer mobile applications with scalable and secure selection of functionalities available.

Calimatic LMS combines the power of mobile applications with social learning integration tools to build a much more detailed picture of how the right set of features will enable you to focus on your students growth and help you to scale faster.

Calimatic, an EdTech Software, ensures that users are no longer limited to one device for their e-learning activities. Anything that can be done from your system to advance online learning experience can now be controlled with that little gadget in your palms.


The latest learning management softwares have embraced technological changes that benefit learning and meet new needs as well as old ones.

Calimatic Mobile LMS for M-Learning
e-learning with mobiles to facilitate users

As outlined above, e-learning is transitioning to m-learning for a better, more efficient & cost-effective performance but flawless transfer of knowledge needs a proper system.

Simply put, the hub of online education that is the learning management system — adjusted with the right set of tools — makes it a much superior learning method with an unparalleled user experience.

It is therefore a good idea for educational organizations to jump on the bandwagon of fully-integrated learning management system that streamlines digital learning & incorporates on-the-go LMS experiences.

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