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Moodle alternative you’ll want to use for your Education Business

Moodle Alternative

Moodle alternative you'll want to use for your education business

Calimatic offers an easier to use platform than Moodle and is the only end to end education management platform with comprehensive functionalities.

Beyond doubt, Moodle LMS is one of the commonly used learning management systems used by educators. It has a number of useful features required by schools and similar institutes, but there are still a lot of features that Moodle users yearn for. There are multiple Moodle alternatives that you can look for but Calimatic fits the bill perfectly with its comprehensive education platform.

Calimatic offers affordable and customizable learning solutions at affordable prices. It covers features like education franchise management and branded mobile app which comes with exceptional customer support.

Let us compare Moodle and Calimatic LMS to conclude which is better and more effective.






Schools and universities

Schools, universities, learning centres, online tutors

Course builder



Number of courses



Quiz and assignment maker



Certification and Gamification



Video Conferencing



Dynamic content

Not Supported


Setup time

1 to 30 days

A few minutes


Expensive as you have to pay for the server and web domain


Server and domain cost


Cost included in your plan




Personalized customer support

Additional payment needed

Already included

100% Cloud solutions

Server and admin needed

Already included

Moodle has a lot of top features required by educational institutes, but the above comparison shows that Calimatic is certainly more affordable and a better alternative to Moodle LMS.

Why Choose Calimatic over Moodle?

Calimatic is easier to set up

Before starting with Moodle LMS, you first need to hire a developer, a server, domain, modules, etc., by paying them extra. Also, this is a lengthy process that can take close to a month to complete.

However, when you sign up with Calimatic, you can start your operations within the same day without paying extra charges.

Affordable and no hidden charges

Moodle needs you to pay extra for your server and technicians who are responsible for stabilizing your server and ensure everything goes smoothly. Calimatic is cloud hosted and all its features are built to fulfill the needs of educational institutions . 

The Calimatic team takes care of everything during the onboarding phase without you needing to spend a bomb for the initial customization.

Created mainly for educational institutes

Moodle is a good LMS, but it is really complex and confusing. The system was created not just for education institutes but also for businesses, course creators, workplaces, etc. Calimatic, on the other hand, is made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of schools, universities, and learning centers.

Create unlimited courses and learning content

Moodle LMS does not let you create dynamic and unlimited learning content and courses. There is a limit to what you can do, but Calimatic solves this problem.

First of all, you can create dynamic, interactive content for students, and there is no limit to the amount. Create as many tests, quizzes, assignments, etc. you want for students.

An Overview of Calimatic LMS features

Content and Library Management

  • Terminology customizations
  • Unlimited content creation
  • Flexible hierarchy system
  • Library management and customizations
  • Outcome-based structure and learning paths

Blended Learning

  • Self-learning structure
  • Instructor-led structure
  • Distance and on-site learning optimized
  • Custom classes and events creation

Content Security

  • Video DRM encryption
  • SSL Secured security and website integration
  • Cloud storage backup
  • Documents and videos without downloading feature

Website Integration

  • Display LMS classes, events, etc. on your website
  • User-friendly configurations
  • Handle instructor-led and self-learning courses
  • Integrate enrollment on your website

Flexible Content

  • Dynamic audio, video, and text content
  • Text editors
  • Animations and code compilers

Student Boards

  • Track student assignments
  • Easy to illustrate PDFs
  • Students and staff task tracking


  • Bonus points and redeeming system for courses/tests
  • Ratings, points, and certifications
  • Course completion rewards and certifications

Reports and Charts

  • Extensive test results and assignment reports
  • Enrollment and attendance reports
  • Custom demand-based report system

Franchise LMS

  • Requirement-based course content
  • Document management
  • Print only, no download ability for content protection
  • Add or copy assignments


We made a side-by-side comparison between Moodle and Calimatic LMS. It is safe to say that both have a ton of features and solutions, but Calimatic edges Moodle. Moodle charges a lot more for server maintenance, integrations, and customer support, while Calimatic includes all these services in your plan.

Also, it takes a lot of time to set up Moodle, while you can set up Calimatic in minutes and get started with it. Calimatic, an EdTech Software is the best moodle alternative and the right EdTech tool to enrich student learning. Increase student engagement through Calimatic and shape a better future for them.

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