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Virtual Classroom Software that Empowers Institutions with Efficient Online Classes

Calimatic’s virtual classroom software delivers innovative digital tools to enable online classes for your education business.

Students have positive perceptions of using virtual classrooms as an alternative to real classes 1

The feature of shared whiteboard allows students’ participation in activities related to design charts, graphs and similar 2

In a time of predominantly remote learning, virtual classroom software has become a must for any learning center3

Integrated to LMS

With your virtual classroom integrated to the LMS, get all resources in a single place, with integrated assignments and white boards

Efficient Features

Utilize Video Conferencing, White Boards, Chat Conversations, Screen Sharing, breakout rooms and more

Store Class Info

Capture crucial information such as Class Notes, Recordings, Conversations, Files and more through Calimatic’s virtual classrooms

Captivative Online Classes

Embrace cutting-edge technology to conduct multi-faceted online classes that drive engaged, value-added learning. Your virtual classroom software is equipped with integrated capabilities that help deliver an amazing, blended learning experience. Incorporate one or a combination of learning elements such as lectures, group sessions, whiteboard, chats, class polling, and recordings. With a simplified yet comprehensive environment that offers ease of use and convenience, you can focus on delivering impactful and personalized learning solutions that improve the overall student experience and satisfaction. Every task from managing class timetables to controlling audio and video features can be easily managed with intuitive software that makes conducting an online class incredibly easy. Even instructors with minimum or no technical know-how can easily control all aspects of online class delivery - all at the click of a button!
Online Video Conferencing solution to conduct Online Classes - EdTech Features. Virtual Classroom Software

Features of Virtual Classroom Software

Secured Classes

Avoid unauthorized access with Calimatic multiple layer security and get the peace of mind to conduct your online classes. With flexible security permissions, you don’t need to worry about anonymous people joining the classes in the middle of the session.

Calimatic Hosted Video Conferencing

Use the default Calimatic hosted live virtual classroom software solution which gives secured and feature rich live video conferencing to get an enriched learning experience and student-teacher fruitful collaboration. Calimatic hosted video conferencing works on desktops, tablets and mobile – in a real-time class session.

White Boards

Give an actual classroom experience to your students with whiteboard functionality and facilitate learning. Leverage the multi-user white board in online classes where users can write and draw in real-time, making the sessions lively and collaborative, while the instructors have full control and safely set security permissions.

Multiple Secured Controls

Online classroom management software comes with a comprehensive catalogue of controls that allows the instructor to manage a virtual session with ease. Multiple options are there for the host to control their class without inference, from allowing members, video and audio controls, messages, class notes and more.

Screen Sharing

Quickly share your computer screen with others and make education transfer among younger students more simplified. Choose from multiple screen sharing options: entire screen, application window or selected tab and engage the whole class with any PDF, presentation, video or document.

Public & Private Chats

Bring freedom to interact with students via the public and private chat feature in our online classroom software. The feature will help promote engagements with team messages and one-on-one/ direct student discussions. Also get the chat conversations (in-class and one-on-one) automatically saved to the class notes for future references.

Conduct Polls

Calimatic offers polling in classrooms to bring more student engagement. Incorporate interactive polls in class and deploy them from a desktop computer or your smartphone. With our online school software’s multi-platform capability, participants can use their desktops, smartphones to text in their answers.

Share Presentations, Videos & Notes

Calimatic makes it easier for teachers to share lessons digitally. Share presentations, video slides, lecture slides, class notes, and upload them in the live class to make class more engaging and learning more fruitful.

Recordings & Class Notes

Capture crucial information by storing the Class Notes, Recordings, Conversations, Files and more.

Breakout Rooms

Calimatic breakout room feature allows you to split your meeting into separate sessions where host can switch between sessions at any time. Choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically or manually, or allow participants to enter breakout sessions as they please.

Integration to Zoom & Google Meet

In addition to built-in online video, Calimatic’s online classroom platform offers integration of Zoom and Google Meet for your live online class. You are at the leverage to save recordings to class notes automatically – giving an even greater exposure to knowledge transfer for teachers and students alike.

Attendance Tracking

Our online school management system allows you to perform a range of tasks including managing your class from one place by tracking attendance records and staying “in the know” of everything important. Calculate student record any or all your classes by date, by class, by course, or by student in your live class or even at the end of the day.

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