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From LMS, CRM, admissions & payments discover everything you would ever need to innovate your online tutoring business

Empower Tutoring with Powerful Online Courses that Fuel Enrollments

Online tutors and tutoring agencies face a hard time moving things between course collaborations, feedbacks, monitoring students, and creating engagement.

They need a

Virtual learning environment integrating LMS, CRM and Payments: Calimatic!

Calimatic offers on-cloud vital classroom experience for 1 on 1 and group sessions oriented with live video, white boards and class notes – making the online tutoring experience more fruitful for both trainers and students with the help of online tutoring software. We ensure a life changing student experience that is achieved virtually with you.

Comprehensive Online Tutoring Software

Implement on-cloud e-Learning with Calimatic with your online academy. Get course enrollments directly from the website and easily place applicants into respective study groups with stress-free CRM capabilities. Plus, schedule or run live lessons while monitoring academy’s performance by analytics and stats, all available via synchronized reports.

Calimatic EdTech - Online Classes, LMS, ECM, SIS, Boards, Assessments, Franchise Management, CRM for Higher Education, Learning Center, Online Tutoring, K-12

Online Tutoring Management Software That Really Works

When you are working on your online courses and tutoring services, we have got your back!

Personalized Adaptation with Online Course Repository

Calimatic EdTech is integrated to adapt with your online tutoring academy and learning preferences. We give flexible learning solutions, fully personalized lesson structures and extensive course repository with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to attain more interactive sessions. 

Our student facilitation features via SIS integration offer direct student-teacher collaboration with live sessions and easy access of knowledge base.

Branded Online Courses: Customizable and Integrated Website

Calimatic LMS - Interactive Board Management for Students, Staff, Class

Calimatic offers powerful customization of courses by having full control over site design, content and build your perfect course framework with the click of a button. Our Content Management System (CMS) is simple to use, easy to learn and technically powerful when integrated with your course templates.

Easily make your personal branded courses on your website, stand out as an authority in your niche and build trust with your customers as an impactful virtual learning expert.

Coherent Learning Environment with Collaborative Virtual Classrooms

Calimatic ensured collaborative and blended interactions by delivering an exceptional learning experience to their audience.

Our state-of-the-art learning environment includes high quality audio and video streaming to enable online classes from anywhere in the world. Plus, advance one-on-one and group sessions via live lectures with the use of whiteboards, code board for programming, class notes and recorded sessions, everything to enhance your students’ experience with your online class and grow your business for long term success.

Calimatic LMS - Interactive Board Management for Students, Staff, Class
Empower Your Online Academy Success

Calimatic gives everything to handle your classes online. Enable dual languages, easily upload videos, build quizzes, and organize all your learning content. Set pricing, schedule lesson plans, and get insights on student progress at every level.

Calimatic gives you the option of using the features that suit your academic success rate. Keep a simple interface for direct student interaction, or manage course player repository, the choice is yours. Anything from admissions to alumni management can be customized to your needs.

Have total control over your content, pricing, and data. Calimatic course builder and online library management makes adding curriculum and develop courses more flexible and faster. Add interactive courses, quizzes, and White Board notes.

Simplify your administration with automatic admissions student onboarding, tracking and analytics, completion certificates, and much more ensuring that you turn your online academy into a thriving business!

Calimatic Scalability – Advancing the System’s Pertinence

Feature Updates

Bringing frequent optimal changes in the system to reduce compatibility issues, enhance feature quality, and to minimize the learning curves for users.

Mobile Application

Enhancing micro-learning via Calimatic LMS mobile application, helping all system users to access learning content at ease and ensure better management experiences.

Multi-Lingual Options

Calimatic multi-lingual feature assists institutions build a global eLearning community – operational from one centralized platform. Eliminate communication gaps between teachers and students from K-12 levels and up.

Built-In Analytical Data Charts and Reports

Reporting features and analytics are there to help professionals chalk down crucial information, get feedback and keep progress tracking with Calimatic. Make your data more effective to leverage your institution online.

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