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Explore our flexible partnership programs to connect with new opportunities and leverage resources for accelerated business growth.

Affiliate Partner

Earn 90% commission on customer's first month subscription
Why Calimatic's Affiliate Partner Program?
Calimatic's Affiliate Program helps you earn Passive income by promoting one of the fastest growing educational management SaaS Platform. We pay you commission for every deal we close.
Calimatic Affiliate Partner Program

Affiliate Partner Program Details

Solution Partner

Earn 15 to 40% monthly recurring commission
Why Calimatic's Solution Partner Program?
Take your business to the next level with your sales capabilities. Earn recurring revenue for the lifetime value of each customer and add revenue channels to your business.
Partnership with Calimatic

Solution Partner Program Details

Content Partner

Sell your Learning Content to our Educational Institutes and Earn per Enrollment or One time payment
Why Calimatic's Content Partner Program?
Are you an expert in the educational field and want to earn?
This program provides the ability to create and sell Courses to our Clients (Educational Institutes).
Unlike B2C type of selling courses online to individual customers, like program offers B2B opportunities. You can also become an instructor for your courses.
Connect with our clients globally to sell your courses

Content Partner Program Details

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