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$4 $2
per Student per Month
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Basic Plan Features +
Unlimited Courses, Events
Unlimited Students for Events
Unlimited Leads
Unlimited Centers/Franchises
Optional DRM Encrypted Courses
(Encoding Charges apply)
Email Marketing
(Bulk Emails limit apply)
SMS ($0.003 per SMS)
Calimatic Hosted Online Classes
(Parallel classes limit apply)
500 GB Storage Included
($20/Month per 500 GB extra)
White Labeling
Chat Support
Unlimited Students
Essentials Plan Features +
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Calimatic Hosted Online Classes
Unlimited Emails
Custom Cloud or On-Premises
Custom Integrations
White Labeled Mobile App
Custom Onboarding
Advanced Support
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Price$2 per Student per MonthContact us
Centers or Franchises
Master Account - $99 per month
Unlimited Franchises
Assessments / Exams / Tests
Unlimited Staff
Unlimited Leads
Unlimited Students for Events
Unlimited Custom Enrollment Forms
Unlimited Enquiry Forms
Optional DRM Encrypted Courses
Price for encoding is
$0.02 per output minute
(Example - if there is 1 hour video
then it is $1.2 for encoding).
Parent Portal
Website Integration
Online Classes - Calimatic Hosted
Free up to 20 Classes per month
Extra - $9 per Parallel Class per month
Online Classes (Integration to Google Meet, Zoom)
500 GB Storage Included
Extra - $20 per 500 GB per month
Calimatic Mobile App
Branded Mobile App
$499 One Time Cost,
$49/Month for Ongoing Updates
& Maintenance
Email Marketing
Free up to 5,000 per Month
Extra - $2 every 10,000 emails
SMS Marketing
$0.003 per SMSUnlimited
Admissions & Enrollments
LMS - Code Compilers
Franchises/Centers Management
Franchises/Centers - Documents - Print Only
Billing & Payments
Staff Management
Classes & Events Management
Knowledge base/Newsletters (Internal & External)
Idea Management
Custom Integrations
Custom On-Cloud or On-Premises
Custom Onboarding
Email Support
Chat Support
Phone Support
Advanced Support
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Free Plan require any Payment?
No. Free Plan is absolutely Free. It is Free to sign up and free to use. No Payment required.
Do I need to enter any Payments details for Free Trial?
No. You can sign up without entering any Payment details and use Calimatic for up to 14 days. At the end of your trial or when you decide to subscribe for the Essentials Plan, you will need to enter your Payment details. Or you will need to subscribe for the Free Plan.
What features are offered during the trial period of 14 days?
All the Features of the Essentials Plan are offered during the trial period.
Can I subscribe to Free Plan than the Essentials plan after the trial ends?
Yes. You can subscribe to the Free Plan after the trial ends. The features will be automatically reset as per the plan you choose.
Which Plan do you recommend?
Essentials Plan is the most popular plan. However, depending on your need we can work with you to optimize the pricing that suites you.
What will happen if I change my current plan?
If you upgrade to a higher plan, all new features will be available immediately. You will keep your current billing cycle and we will charge you proportionately for the new plan and deduct the already paid amount proportionately as well.
How long are your contracts?
Essentials Plan is billed month to month or yearly and there is no commitment or minimum contract length. If you ever want to stop the subscription you can cancel at any time. Just e-mail and we'll cancel your account immediately.
Are your subscription charges prepaid or postpaid?
Monthly subscriptions - Charges are prepaid for a month for the Monthly subscription. It starts from the day you subscribe on Calimatic till next month same date.
Yearly subscriptions - Charges are prepaid for a Year for the Yearly subscription. It starts from the day you subscribe on Calimatic till next Year same date.
Do you charge a setup fee?
There are no setup fees for the Calimatic Web Application and Calimatic Mobile App.
Contact us ( for -
a) Custom Onboarding & Custom setup
b) Custom Cloud or On-Premises or Data Center
c) Custom Integrations
d) White Labeled Mobile App
e) Custom URL
Is my data safe?
We take security seriously. All our applications & services are hosted in Microsoft Azure and AWS servers with all the required & essential security compliance in place. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. All Calimatic plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.
Do I own my content and is it secured?
Absolutely! You always own the data or content you enter. When you subscribe with us, we create a separate Database and separate Portal site for you. Your data or Content is not shared with anyone and it is highly secured.
You can setup automatic backups to your cloud storage.
Is there a limit to how much content I can upload?
There is no limit to the content you add but the Storage for the Attachments (like Documents, Videos, etc) are charged based on the Plan and the limit.
For Free Plan, 50 GB Storage for the Attachments is Free.
For Essentials Plan, 500 GB Storage Included (Contact us for additional storage).
Apart from that, there are separate charges for DRM encrypted courses.
DRM Encryption protects your content (Documents & Videos) from the users to download. This is disabled by default and anyone can download. Contact us to enable it. However, there is separate charge to upload videos to make them secure. Encoding Price - When you upload the video then it will encode to make it DRM Encrypted. Contact us for Pricing for encoding. No charge for Streaming the videos.
What do you accept for Subscription payments?
We accept all major Credit and Debit cards via Stripe. For more details, visit
For US Clients, we accept Bank Account payments via also along with Credit & Debit cards.
For India Clients, we accept all the Payment methods that Razorpay supports in India -
What happens if I want to cancel my plan?
Contact us ( for any cancellations. We'll be sad to see you leave, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. We don't lock you into any lengthy contract. Moreover, since you own all your data, you can setup a backup to your Cloud storage. This will allow you to get all the data into your Cloud Storage. Or you can download the required data individually from different pages of the application.
Who can I contact with additional pricing questions?
Please contact us at for any additional pricing queries.
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