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Why Choose Calimatic EdTech?

  • Unmatched Reach: Tap into a global audience of active learners searching for diverse educational experiences.
  • Simple Setup and Management: Create your provider profile, upload your courses, and manage enrollment effortlessly through our user-friendly interface.
  • Flexibility: Offer online courses, live classroom sessions, interactive camps, and engaging events to meet your educational vision.
  • Powerful Marketing Tools: Leverage our built-in marketing features to promote your offerings and reach the right audience.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Gain valuable insights into student engagement, performance, and preferences to refine your offerings and enhance success.
  • Secure and Reliable Platform: Calimatic prioritizes data security and platform stability, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your students.
Reach and engage millions of learners worldwide with Calimatic EdTech, the all-in-one marketplace for online and onsite educational offerings. Whether you're a seasoned educator, a passionate hobbyist, or a thriving educational institution, Calimatic provides the perfect platform to showcase your expertise, connect with eager students, and grow your business.

What can you offer on Calimatic EdTech?

  • Onsite Courses: Share your knowledge and skills in person through engaging classroom sessions and workshops.
  • Online Courses: Design interactive and high-quality online courses on any topic, attracting students from anywhere in the world.
  • Camps and Events: Organize immersive learning experiences, online or onsite, fostering collaboration and skill development.
  • Live Classes and Webinars: Host live sessions covering specific topics or providing ongoing support to students.
  • Consultations and Coaching: Offer personalized guidance and mentorship to students, expanding your reach and impact.

Become part of the Calimatic EdTech community and:

  • Monetize your expertise: Set your own prices and earn revenue through student enrollments and participation.
  • Build your brand and reputation: Establish yourself as a leading educator in your field and gain valuable recognition.
  • Make a difference: Empower individuals to learn, grow, and achieve their goals through your unique educational offerings.


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Streamlined Operations and Management

  • Effortless Registration and Payment: Automate payment collection and reduce administrative tasks with a seamless online registration process.
  • Real-Time Rosters and Attendance Tracking: Effortlessly manage student enrollment, attendance, and wait-lists with real-time updates.
  • Simplified Instructor Management: Assign instructors to sessions, control access to student information, and streamline check-in/out procedures.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into enrollment trends, student engagement, and overall business performance to make informed decisions.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Enhanced Visibility and Exposure: Benefit from Calimatic’s extensive marketing reach to attract new students and expand your audience.
  • Built-in Marketing Tools: Utilize social sharing features, referral programs, and email marketing capabilities to promote your offerings effectively.
  • Positive Reviews and Testimonials: Encourage student feedback and testimonials to build trust and credibility within the Calimatic community.

Integration and Compatibility

  • Seamless Integration with Your Website: Easily embed Calimatic’s registration and payment features directly into your existing website for a unified experience.
  • Compatibility with Popular Tools: Connect with calendars, payment gateways, and other essential tools for a streamlined workflow.

Additional Support and Resources

  • Dedicated Provider Support: Access a team of experts ready to assist with any questions or technical issues you may encounter.
  • Comprehensive Help Center: Find answers to common questions and access tutorials to help you navigate the platform effectively.

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