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From LMS, SIS, ERP to CRM, admissions & center management discover everything you would ever need to innovate your institution through Calimatic School Management Solution.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions for Schools / K-12

Schools are faced with uncertain closures leading to multiple challenges that comes with unsecured online solutions providing difficulties to management, students & parents alike.

They Need A

Seamless, Reliable and Efficient Solution: Calimatic!

Calimatic EdTech Software believes in creating a sophisticated School Management Solution that enables an engaging learning environment for students (SIS), collaboration with students & parents (LMS), reduce administrative complexities & staff management, and improves admissions and enrollments (CRM).

One-Stop Private and Public School Management Solution

We enable all the users of your school’s online learning program & provide end to end eLearning solutions to automate the transfer of knowledge between students and instructors as well as paperless administrative processes via seamless with inclusion of School’s Integrated System and Learning Management System to optimize your investments within the educational system.

Calimatic EdTech - Online Classes, LMS, ECM, SIS, Boards, Assessments, Franchise Management, CRM for Higher Education, Learning Center, Online Tutoring, K-12

Encompassing Complete School’s Lifestyle

Building A Coherent e-Learning Model – Collaborating Students, Teachers and Parents.

We strive to build an impactful virtual learning environment within schools/K-12 where students and instructors coordinate on multiple levels and measure progress to thrive learning.

Bringing Agility to Institutions: End to End Management!

Calimatic LMS - Interactive Board Management for Students, Staff, Class

Calimatic automates your online education as well as administrative processes for kindergarten to 12, ensuring that you’ve got everything covered. 

Target multiple aspects of academia advancement online such as administration, course design and management, progress tracking, assessment, classroom interactivity and more – now unified within a single, easy-to-use solution.

An all-inclusive, one-stop, e-learning solution suitable for industries at every level from best online K-12 schools to universities, institutions and online tutoring agencies!

Build a stable online image for your school with individualized website, customized SIS and a learning model with progressive administration – everything is ready-made to help you deploy an efficient LMS that leverages academic effectiveness! Give face to your online setup with all the modules that matter the most to your institution.

Reach and engage more students via fully responsive interface that simplifies collaboration of each user and bolster learning outcomes. The intuitive boards keep students in the loop with all updates, announcements, enables schools to streamline data and information across school and campuses.

Calimatic is bringing all school centers/campuses under one umbrella. You get all information and data across departments of a school on a single integrated platform with automatized data collection – everything to cut down extensive paperwork. Seamless integration of all systems is unified via admin accounts, insights of all franchises and permission based access to management and users.

Optimized and fully integrated evaluations and student testing mechanism is there to cope with the sessional and yearly school examinations. The data and analytics offer learning insights, overcome barriers to student success and keep track for progress while offer rewards and gamification.

Calimatic Scalability – Advancing the System’s Pertinence

Feature Updates

Bringing frequent optimal changes in the system to reduce compatibility issues, enhance feature quality, and to minimize the learning curves for users.

Mobile Application

Enhancing micro-learning via Calimatic LMS mobile application, helping all system users to access learning content at ease and ensure better management experiences.

Multi-Lingual Options

Calimatic multi-lingual feature assists institutions build a global eLearning community – operational from one centralized platform. Eliminate communication gaps between teachers and students from K-12 levels and up.

Built-In Analytical Data Charts and Reports

Reporting features and analytics are there to help professionals chalk down crucial information, get feedback and keep progress tracking with Calimatic. Make your data more effective to leverage your institution online.

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