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Advantages of Investing in a Self-Registration LMS

Advantages of investing in a self-registration LMS

If you’re into online training, you might have come across LMS. LMS (learning management system) is a program that tracks eLearning training activities. Self-registration LMS allows learners to manage their e-learning activities by allowing them to create accounts and enroll in courses. This may confuse the system developers and administrators.

It’s hard to know whether the learners continue or drop off the training courses. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about that if you manage the self-regulated management system accurately.

Here are some of the reasons why investing in a self-registration LMS is worthwhile.

1. Encourages Self-Discovery and Reflection

Self-registration LMS will give your learners a significant level of autonomy, making it easier for them to discover their skill gaps. In addition, the learners can find ways to fill the gaps with regular improvement discussions, you learners will have significant autonomy to discover areas that require improvements.

2. Accessible Online Training

Through a straightforward account creation process and ease of registering relevant online courses, online training has never been this straightforward. There’s no need to hire a manager to help the learners during enrolment. What’s more? Your learners can access the training soon as they complete the sign-up process.

With self-registered LMS, learners can access the system and content anywhere, anytime, using any medium. Learners with tight schedules can access the system using common-end devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This improves communication since your learners can access and respond to registration links immediately.

3. It’s a Valuable Data Analytic Tool

The self-registration form allows you to capture a few details about your learners. The AD integration will allow learners to use one set of login details, thus making sure you gather accurate data. Also, you can check overall course performance and track and measure report generation rates.

4. Encourages Social Learning

Nowadays, everybody’s on social media. You can reach a specific target group by sharing a link across your social media platforms. What’s better is that your learners will come back to give feedback on the social network. In the comments sections, you will interact with learners who would want help or more information about the system. You can also create a reward system to increase adoption and participation.

Final Thoughts

A self-registered Learning Management System increases course uptake and reduces the need to hire registration administrators. Now that you know some of the benefits of investing in self-registered LMS, why don’t you get started? Don’t be left out!

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