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Key Tools Required To Improve Student Engagement for Onsite and Online Classes

Student Engagement

Key Tools Required To Improve Student Engagement for Onsite and Online Classes

The education industry has witnessed major changes in the past couple of years or so. In the wake of the pandemic, educational institutions worldwide were forced to switch to online classes to improve student engagement. Although the world is gradually getting back to normal, some educational institutions still prefer remote teaching for health and safety purposes.

Some institutes have switched back to onsite classes, while most continue with online classes. Many factors like lack of face-to-face communication, difficulty in online learning, loneliness, etc., are faced by students and hinder their learning ability. 

For teachers to teach properly and students to grasp all this knowledge, schools and colleges must use a hybrid approach. For both onsite and online classes, ideal tools and software can help teachers a lot. This blog looks at some teaching and educational tools to enhance student engagement.

Virtual Classroom Tool – Manage your Enrollments, Classes, and Events

For proper management of your institution or school, you should use virtual classroom software. It makes it easier to track student information and smoothly conduct all your events and classes. In addition, you can integrate a Virtual classroom tool with your website to directly display your programs, events, courses, etc. 

Students and their parents can get information regarding the courses and classes you offer. A virtual classroom software will help manage everything from classes, available slots, fees, enrollment forms, etc. Students can enroll directly in your classes from the website and pay using any online payment application. 

Using the tool, you can set up a structure or schedule for both online and onsite classes. Also, you will get to use advanced class whiteboards and coding boards. It works just like a blackboard, and you can create a variety of diagrams, graphs, charts, etc., to help your students grasp concepts properly. It will keep you updated regarding students of a particular class and increase student engagement. 

Focus on Each Student using Student Information System

A good student information system (SIS) will work wonders for your institution. Teachers can spend less time on things like attendance and focus more on teaching students. SIS can help automate information for all students enrolled. It takes care of daily attendance, absentees, and similar factors without the need for a traditional paper-and-pen system. 

The SIS will focus individually on each student and track their progress in the class. It creates a student profile and has information regarding his weaknesses, strengths, etc. Teachers will know which student is weak in a particular aspect and help him accordingly. In addition, the software will provide teachers with performance records, test grades, projects, ratings, etc., of each student. 

Teachers will know where each student stands exactly in the class. It also recommends personalized timetables, courses, etc., for students. The SIS stores data, and any changes or information update is added directly into the system. You can instantly send messages and emails to both students and their parents if you want to convey anything to them. 

LMS Software

A learning management system (LMS) is a web tool that helps track, develop, administer, report, and deliver your institution’s educational courses or degrees. It can become stressful for teachers to handle all educational content, books, modules, etc. An LMS will help create an online library where your students can find all lessons, subjects, audio and video recorded lectures, etc. 

Students can check out everything related to their course on the LMS tool. Even teachers can use it to assign homework and tasks to students, collect completed tasks, track student progress, and upload teaching material for self-learning. 

Calimatic, an Edtech Software offers you an advanced suite of digital tools like LMS, SIS, and other solutions for teaching institutions. We have been helping education institutions in improving their profitability and helping them transform learning methodologies through our tools.

Communication Tools

Online schooling is very different from traditional in-person classes, and many students suffer because of a lack of communication with their tutors. If a teacher cannot talk and listen to a student, it becomes almost impossible to teach efficiently. 

While communication is not an issue for onsite classes, online classes face this problem. Using the right communication applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., allow a teacher to teach a class in real-time through video conferencing. In addition, it creates a classroom-like atmosphere where students face the teacher and can talk to him regarding any doubts or difficulties. 

For students, lack of communication and people around them can be difficult. Online classes on video conferencing also allow them to have a conversation with fellow students and teachers. Also, reading a book or a text is never as effective as a teacher teaching students live. 

Incorporate Gamification

Gamification refers to making use of gaming concepts and elements in teaching. It helps teachers a lot as students usually become more attentive, productive, and engaged when gamification is combined with teaching. For example, imagine a student is awarded points for completing his tasks, projects, homework, etc. He will surely put in more effort and be more enthusiastic. 

To integrate gamification into your institute’s teaching strategy, you can use e-lessons, leaderboards, rewards, badges, etc. It becomes like a game for students who will want to reach the top of the leaderboard. 

Both the teachers and students like this advanced and engaging method of learning. Some tutors do not focus on the teaching method, making the process dull, making students lose focus. Gamification makes teaching and learning a fun experience. 

Summing Up

The way we perceive the education system has changed rapidly, and today online classes are as common as onsite classes. To implement a hybrid approach, teachers will get a lot of help through E-learning tools and software. In addition, they are perfect for increasing student engagement as teachers focus more on teaching and less on handling the class. 

The competition in the E-learning industry is immense, and various companies are offering LMS and other solutions. Therefore, schools and colleges should identify the right tools for their unique business challenges. The idea is to enable better student management, track personal data and progress, and ensure every student learns effectively. 

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