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How Student Management Software Can Improve Enrollments

Student Management Software

How Student Management Software Can Improve Enrollments?

Technology is rapidly changing the way the education system works. Mass digitization and automation are highly improving how schools deliver and administrate learning experiences. 

More software solutions for teachers and school staff come out every year. The school and education software market has grown to over $10.4 billion this 2021. It continues to grow every year and could hit $11.2 billion by 2024. 

Moreover, more schools are starting to adopt this software. One of the most commonly used is student management system software. But why should a school adopt one and what benefits can a student management tool bring to an academic institution.

The Benefits of Student Information Systems

The main goal of any tool or technology is to make people’s lives better. If it doesn’t, there’s no point in going through the trouble. The benefits of the student information system are unmistakable. They bring immense value to the learning process, school administration, and even help increase enrollment. 

With US college fees now on the rise, getting enrollees could be quite a challenge. People are deterred by the rising cost of education. But technology could change that for many academic and educational organizations. Here are a few ways that these systems can do that.

Increase School Administration Productivity

School administrators like registration staff and employees in charge of onboarding can get quickly overwhelmed. Busy staff will have a harder time getting students to enroll. Administrative tasks like student data management can slow down the onboarding process. In turn, this lowers the volume of students they can orient and onboard. 

With a student information system in place, technology removes a lot of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. With that, people in the organization can focus on more high-value tasks that contribute to quality education and higher enrollment rates.

Improve Lead Management

One of the great student management system features is that it acts as a lead management system that makes it easier to track existing and incoming students. Lead generation and management are key activities to sales. In the school system, sales isn’t usually a big word, but it’s still important. 

A top reason why a school needs a school information system is that it creates a better ecosystem for administrators to manage leads by creating a cloud-based database of aspiring students so staff can follow up on admissions. Moreover, schools can also follow up on the previous year’s enrollees using the database and improve re-enrollment rates.

Seamless Onboarding

The question academic institutions need to answer when assessing enrollment is, “Do students find it easy to enroll in our school?” Some ways to check this are payment options, document submission, class schedule selection, and so on. 

A student management system provides one online dashboard that students and parents can access anywhere to pay for tuition, submit documents, and select classes. With better accessibility comes better chances of better enrollment influx.

Elevate Teacher-Student-Parent Collaboration

Nothing improves re-enrollment better than the quality of education. If you want students— and parents— to come through the doors, you have to have a great education. That’s only possible when people know your school gives great educational experiences.

By automating school systems with technology, there’s more room for collaboration between students, teachers, and parents. Learning management systems, classroom management tools, and constant feedback contribute to the learning experience. All these can be improved through student management software.

Strengthen Alumni Network

Another of the advantages of the student management system is it helps keep records of past alumni. An alumni network serves as an army of evangelists to the school’s spirit and experience. When your school’s alumni talk about your school more, there’s a greater chance their network will be aware of your school’s programs.

A school management system will store contact information and their whole school track experience so that schools can better plan homecomings. These events are opportunities to get the word out about schools and build brand awareness. 

Better Student Track Management

LMS or learning management software tools have also been on the rise. There’s a growing need for on-demand learning in this highly digital age. An LMS provides that strong online infrastructure for distance learning. With an LMS, a school can now start taking enrollees who aren’t able to relocate to attend due to immigration restrictions or cost of living. 

Recently, many major universities like Harvard or Stanford have started offering online courses to students. Now those who can’t or won’t move to the United States can still enroll even if they’re in Europe, Asia, Africa, or anywhere else in the world. This has massively increased enrollment rates while also serving a market that’s limited by proximity.

Education Technology on the Rise

The entire education technology industry is on an unprecedented rise. It could reach a valuation of over $404 billion by 2027. Accordingly, schools and educational institutions should start adopting these technologies if they want to stay relevant for the years to come. 

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