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The Future of Classroom Technology
(& How It’s Transforming Education)

Classroom Technology

The Future of Classroom Technology (& How It’s Transforming Education)

The emergence of new and advanced technology has affected almost everything in the world. The education industry is no stranger to this, and both teachers and students are increasingly becoming familiar with new, advanced technologies, software, tools, etc., for classroom and online learning. 

Knowing about the use and functionality of trending classroom technology allows schools and higher education institutes to invest in and use EdTech tools and software better. Both teachers and students get a lot of utility and benefits from modern technology. Augmented reality, online learning management systems, gamification, automatic attendance and enrolment tools, etc., are being used widely across institutions now. 

Most teachers have a basic idea about new classroom technology but don’t know how to use it effectively. In this blog, we aim to inform you about the most effective technologies that can improve the teaching and learning experience in schools. We will talk about Calimatic and other tools that can help transform classrooms as we know them. 

Learning Management System

School classrooms should use a customizable and feature-rich learning management system (LMS) that helps create, store, assign learning content in a simple way. Calimatic allows teachers to manage content conveniently and an online library where both teachers and students can access learning material. 

Schools can improve both self-learning and instructor-led teaching through the use of this technology. Teachers can also set up classroom events and flexible, interactive content through an LMS. School authorities can use the tool to integrate enrolment information, courses, events, etc., with their website. 

Student Information System

A student information and school management system make daily activities like attendance, student records, etc., easier for school administration and teachers. Calimatic has a great SIS (Student Information System) that can be used to monitor and record new enrollments, admission records, and personal records of each student. 

Teachers and school staff can easily access the information and history of any student. Teachers can help out students by tracking individual progress and help develop specific skill-sets. 

Effective Communication Tools 

Communication is a big part of education, and if teachers cannot build a connection with students, it affects the quality of education. Many communication tools like Skype, Zoom, etc., have helped in both classroom and online learning. 

Students can interact better with teachers and ask them doubts or other issues. If some students are sick or cannot attend the class for some reason, they can still attend virtually using an effective video communication tool. 

Better Grading and Feedback Technology

Certain tools allow students to upload their homework or assignments, and teachers can collect them without physical effort. It reduces effort, and all data is stored online, there is no risk of losing documents. Teachers get a better mechanism to look at and grade tests. The Calimatic software allows automatic evaluation of tests and assignments. 

Reports and grades are tracked for each student, and teachers receive better feedback regarding each student. Also, the tool allows you to send reports and evaluations to students’ parents automatically and keep them informed about kids’ progress.

Augmented and Virtual Reality 

Access to smartphones and advanced technology has made the use of virtual and augmented reality in classrooms possible. Using headsets and digital screens, classrooms can make both virtual and augmented reality possible for students. Students will get a new innovative way of learning where they can virtually trip to see historical and geographical locations. 

This technology can allow both teachers and students to test the limits of their imagination. Through augmented reality, students can get help in engineering and science. Students can perform virtual scientific experiments and watch 3D virtual science models. Such modern technology makes learning fun in a safe and effective way. 


Gamification is slowly becoming a big part of education and classroom technology. Students are more excited to attend classes and study as this makes the school environment friendly and playful. Even students who find it boring to attend classes are filled with enthusiasm when gaming is combined with education. Assigning a points system for completing assignments, tests, etc., will raise a competitive learning spirit in children, boosting them to do better every time. 

Award bonus points, badges and certificates when they complete a course or particular project. This will push them to be better than every other student and be number one. Calimatic’s gamification tools promote healthy competition between each student along with a playful, competitive classroom environment. 

Biometrics and Security Technologies

Schools can increase security on the campus, especially the classroom, by using modern biometrics like fingerprint or face scanners to allow students entry. No unauthorized people will be allowed to enter the campus without proper identification. This increases security and allows teachers and students to focus solely learning on education.

Also, classrooms and other school areas can be installed with high-security security cameras. Such cameras can be paired with a smartphone and operated directly through it. School authorities can supervise the entire campus better and know about what is going on in a particular area. 

Benefits of using Advanced Technology in Classrooms

Not just teachers, using modern technologies in classrooms help students a lot too. Here are the various benefits and advantages. 

  • Simplifying and automating daily tasks for students and teachers
  • Increasing student engagement
  • Better communication and feedback to students’ parents
  • Help in creating tests, assignments, and learning content
  • Better and fast collection of homework, assignments, etc.
  • Automate enrolment and admission procedure
  • Online library for storing content and easy access to students 

Summing Up

Classroom technology and EdTech Software tools provide a better teaching and learning experience in classrooms and online learning programs. They are not meant to replace teachers but to support them in delivering high-quality, personalized knowledge to each student. Such technology makes daily tasks easier and allows school administration to improve their resources. 

Both teachers and students need to be introduced to such technologies and trained properly for efficient learning. One of the best EdTech tools is Calimatic, which offers quality features for both classrooms and e-learning setups. Integrate these tools and make your classroom a safe, fun, and entertaining place to learn. 

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