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Things to Consider for Choosing the Right EdTech Solution

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Choosing the right EdTech Solution

Covid-19 has changed the regular course of life for everyone, including students. Offline learning has shifted to online learning, where kids are now taught mostly using online methods using EdTech solutions. These EdTech solutions are evolving every day with the rollout of new features. As a result, schools and institutions constantly  strive to introduce the best educational technology to reach their students and offer the best through the mode of online learning. 

EdTech is becoming a crucial part of online learning; to make it easier for schools to make the classrooms attractive, fun, and give out maximum learning. Nowadays, educational technology is being designed to cater to all the skills such as social-emotional learning, visual learning, etc., while keeping it all interactive.

As a result, School admins and teachers are overwhelmed with options provided by EdTech. This blog will discuss things you should consider to choose the right EdTech partner for your institution.

Define Your Goals

Defining your goals hold significance in choosing the right EdTech solution for your school because it will directly impact your learning deliverables and the impact it’ll have on students. As a responsible educator, you need first to set a goal for yourself that includes the pedagogical needs of the students. The tools should have the features to fulfill the pedagogical requirements that you wish to address. Some of the common EdTech goals include: 

– User experience for students living in remote areas

– Increasing the capacity and collaboration of students 

– To improve operational efficiency while also reducing any unwanted costs. 

User-Friendly Interface

Your students from every class will use the EdTech solution to study online. Hence, it would help if you chose a solution that has a friendly interface. Running a virtual classroom is challenging; the only thing that will make it easier for you to conduct online classes is to choose a user-friendly interface. The tool should be flexible and highly customizable for educators. 

Not every teacher is tech-savvy; therefore, you must ensure that all your teachers can proceed with their lessons with utmost ease and flexibility. Therefore, you should bring in your educators to test and try different tools for teaching and finalizing the one that provides an easy user interface with the most advanced features. 

Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership includes the price of installation and tools and includes training, tech support, and time cost. Therefore, before signing a contract with any EdTech partner, you should ask them questions not included in their pitch. These include queries about their integration with the current system, their plan on expanding the integration, etc. 

Most EdTech tools charge you extra later by suggesting a third-party training model. However, it counts as a business technique, so better be aware and choose a maximum transparency tool to save your organization money and energy. A misfit tool for your organization will only increase expenses and reduce productivity. 

Advanced Features for Teacher Support

Teaching and accessing students in online mode is a lot more challenging than the traditional offline methods. Therefore, your EdTech partner should be the one that provides you the most advanced features to provide easy access to student engagement, create reports of student assessment, etc. Tools that allow teachers a convenient platform for delivering their lessons are the most loved. 

However, the educational tools that offer additional features such as creating reports, student login-logout time, a record of time spent on a particular project, etc., are regarded as the friendliest tools for teachers. For example, Calimatic is a modern EdTech tool with advanced features like virtual learning, assessment, academic management, etc. It offers features like gamification and acts as an end to end education management platform that serves all the needs of the your eduction business. 

It is challenging to maintain discipline and decorum in the online mode of learning; however, a well-built tool can help teachers lock the students from logging out until a particular activity or project is completed. So, it would be best if you picked a tool that eases your teacher’s job but increases their productivity while making learning interactive and fun for students. 

Interactive Sessions

As a matter of fact, social interaction in offline mode keeps the class interactive even when the teacher pauses for a few minutes. However, it is not the case in online classes. If not acted in time, the class can transform into a mess. Keeping the students actively engaged in the online mode of learning is a tough task. Hence, teachers would love to work on a tool that offers them the platform to make their virtual sessions interactive and fun. 

One example is allowing a class to split into groups while still being a part of the bigger group. A good learning management system provides the students with a social interaction tool such as web conferences, groups, presentations, screen sharing, etc. Additionally, as an institute, you should ensure that your EdTech tool has a platform for students to meet informally and share their banter as they do in offline classes. 

Smooth Access

One of the most important things to consider while choosing the right EdTech for your academy is to ensure that it offers an easy access format to teachers and students. In addition, it should have flexible access, such as being compatible with multiple tools. This will allow students to take their classes from anywhere they want to. In addition, all the login formats should be quick and easy so that a student has a smooth learning journey. 


The points mentioned above are the most basic functionalities you should look for when choosing an EdTech partner for your school. Online learning is otherwise a challenging task for students, teachers, and even the administrative staff. 

Therefore, it becomes important for you to invest in a tool that gives your staff relief in keeping the records, sending notifications, your teachers to easily and productively deliver lectures. Additionally, it would be most beneficial to focus on a tool that increases student engagement and improves the learning experience.  

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