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Top 10 LMS Features Required For eLearning Success

LMS Features

Top 10 LMS Features Required For eLearning Success

Everything is changing rapidly in this ambitious world, including professional skills for which education is a crucial asset. If you want your staff to outperform, an organization needs to invest in learning management systems. 

But in the thriving online learning market, choosing the right solution can be daunting, even crippling. So how do you find the best solution? It’s simple! Prioritize and analyze key LMS features to find the ideal solution for your organization.

You may use this article as a comprehensive guide to determine the main features of a Learning Management System and why they are needed. We will answer the most frequently asked questions, including:

  • What is an LMS?
  • What are the essential characteristics that it should have?
  • And which features are the best match for your organization’s goals?

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

The learning management system is a specific type of solution specially created for students and educational institutes. It is mainly used to monitor, develop, administer, report and deliver the courses or diplomas of your institution.

However, the future of e-learning moving towards a bottom-up approach, and some LMS systems offer specific functionality that simplifies the following processes: 

  • Monitoring and analysis of user data
  • Communication between instructor and learner
  • Performance-based tasks, etc. 


The need for this particular feature is dependent on the size of the organization. Beyond this basic definition, what you can do with your LMS will depend on its specific functionality, which can vary widely.

Top 10 LMS Features 

To help you narrow down the options, we have compiled the top ten useful features you should look for in a quality LMS.

  1. Intuitive User Interface

If you use an LMS for your organization, make sure it is easy to navigate so that the overall experience is comprehensive to make the learning curve as short as possible. 

However, a good LMS interface should be intuitive and user-friendly. Furthermore, it should be quick to learn as no individuals and organizations want to spend time, energy, and resources.

  1. Customization

LMS with a personalization feature allows customizing the interface using brand colors, unique domain names, logos, and more to suit your organization’s needs. Users can even design different portals for varied spectators. However, LMS is a valuable feature required to maintain a singular experience that does not confuse the learners.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

The mobile compatibility feature is a must-have for any LMS. It allows users to learn from anywhere, anytime, rather than attending the course or time of the business. However, the benefits only reach their full potential if the learning content is accessible as efficiently on a smartphone as a desktop computer.

  1. Learning Paths

Nobody is similar, so why should their education or training do so? Of course, personalization can take many sorts. Still, in all circumstances, it lets users emphasize the elements they need to refine the most, rather than wasting time revising info they already have. 

So, LMS with personalized learning paths is a beneficial characteristic for creating engaging and adaptable courses. Besides, it ensures that everyone receives the information in the right order to develop the right skills.

  1. Video conferencing

For eLearning, the LMS must include video conferencing functionality. While bulletin boards and emails can cover most of your communication needs, video conferencing allows you to have face-to-face conversations. Besides, your business will appreciate that you don’t have to pay for an external subscription to communicate with learners.

  1. Better Collaboration

Peer-to-peer communications are very effective in improving retention and building team skills. Thus, an LMS should meet these needs by providing options such as learning events, group discussion forums, and additional online learning resources. 

Also, it makes sure your corporate learners are kept up to date with online training courses and synchronous educational trials, such as live webinars.

  1. Security Protocols

You should know that your sensitive data is safe from snooping eyes. As such, your LMS should have data security measures in place to protect your information. If you’re confused, you can even ask the LMS provider what their data security policies are. Even you can search online reviews and ratings from previous customers.

  1. Tracking and reporting

Another way to better understand how you can improve your content is via detailed learner tracking features. Various LMSs come with data-driven learner reports, allowing you to identify who completed your courses, whether they passed or failed, or even how many attempts they made at a question. 

This measurement system can offer quantitative information about your learners’ growth, allowing you to classify patterns of knowledge breaches. So, check for tracking and reporting features in LMS if you want to improve the content and track every student’s individual progress.

  1. Feedback System

The best way to get feedback on your online training is to ask in-company learners directly. Therefore, one of the LMS features you need is a built-in feedback system to collect and compile user data. Both students and their parents can leave valuable feedback that can be used to improve your courses.

  1. Certification and compliance

If your organization has compliance goals to achieve, make sure your LMS has features that can easily facilitate company-wide compliance training. In addition, you should also look for the certification features, allowing the company to prove its compliance.  


A proficient and committed workforce is crucial to thriving in today’s competitive and unpredictable world. Learning Management Systems (LMS) have transformed learning methodologies and educational businesses. It can help your teaching methods stay relevant and engaging as consumer expectations change.

Essentially, the main aim is to have a robust solution to create, manage, deliver and track your training, all in one place. If you’re looking for an LMS and want to make sure you get the correct tool that ticks all the boxes on your requirements, check out Calimatic. It offers everything you need to evaluate your organization’s unique requirements and prospects.

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