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Top 5 Canvas Alternatives 2021

Canvas Alternatives

Top 5 Canvas Alternatives 2021

Are you looking for Canvas alternatives? Canvas LMS is an open-source application with a plethora of features and offers an engaging learning environment for its users. The software helps businesses to create e-learning modules to train their employees. Educational institutions also use canvas LMS to create customized training and a learning experience.

With customizable training and learning experiences, the software provides a learning environment for its users. Businesses can customize the Canvas LMS depending on the requirement of their users. The tool is suitable to use for blended learning and training programs. 

The Canvas learning management system allows trainers and educators to supplement their training sessions with quizzes, courses, and modules. The feature enables them to create discussions and documents for creating courses. Its open architecture provides unlimited possibilities for integration.

However, users need to research and look for Canvas alternatives before choosing a tool for training and learning. Here are the five best canvas alternatives you can use to supplement your training and learning environment.

Calimatic LMS

One of the top Canvas alternatives, Calimatic LMS gives a competitive edge to any educational institute. Its features help in improving learning efficiency and student enrichment through blended learning, use of hypermedia like HTML, code compilers, etc., LMS gamification, student progress and performance tracker, attendance recording, online content library, time table management, etc.

You can easily integrate Calimatic LMS to your institute’s website and make use of its advanced education technology. Schools can upload study material, tests, assignments, audio or video files, etc. that encourages self-learning for students.

It helps in the assignment and submission of homework from students. Teachers can focus on each student individually based on their strengths, weaknesses, and course progress. Also, Calimatic’s DRM encryption and SSL-certified web integrations keep all your institute’s content and data secure.

Moodle LMS

Moodle is an open-source LMS (learning management system) that is user-friendly and serves a wide range of businesses worldwide. It has millions of users and comes with a modular nature. Its inherent flexibility makes it a great platform for enterprise-level applications of all sizes.

It delivers a powerful set of learning-centric tools to create collaborative learning environments that empower educators and learners. Users can translate it into more than 120 languages.

It can be a great alternative to the Canvas learning management system and satisfies the learning and training requirements of businesses and educational institutions. Moodle offers a scalable and customizable online learning solution. You can create custom certificates to reward students for good performance. It supports e-learning, business/corporate, educational business, etc.

Cornerstone LMS

Cornerstone is a world-class learning management system that helps businesses meet their training and learning requirements. It is one of the best alternatives to Canvas and a one-stop solution for organizations looking for a tool for talent management. 

Cornerstone is good at satisfying the training and learning requirements of any business. It comes with powerful features like blended learning, video conferencing, mobile learning, gamification, and build in course authoring. 

It offers free training and essential learning resources to use the tool for its users. They have customized their tool to help their users work from anywhere. It offers a free demo for users who want to test it first before deciding to use it for training and learning. 

Absorb LMS

The Absorb LMS is a powerful Canvas alternative and learning management solution that comes with a user-friendly interface equipped with scalable technology. The tool offers customizable and configurable options for users to make adjustments as per their requirements. It also promotes automated training and offers training to use the tool. 

It offers cloud-based solutions with onboard training to help users learn how to use it for learning and education. Absorb learning management solution offers a great learning experience regardless of the location or device on which it is being used. 

Absorb LMS offers configurable branding and integration options and comes with fully responsive sites for mobile devices. The tool offers outstanding performance regardless of the location and learning requirements. 

The intuitive design and robust features are built for flexible training and create an engaging learning environment where your employees, customers, and partners keep coming back to learn more.

Teachable LMS

Teachable is an online education platform that enables professionals from all fields to create courses and share knowledge with new students. Users can create and sell courses online using a variety of tools to select and customize individual content. You can generate immersive multimedia conferences and link your own existing websites under a custom domain name. Teachable also allows users to add a team of professionals and assign specific roles and permissions. 

Professionals can use its flexible editor to create attractive and profitable sales pages and track sales and student knowledge with integrated, comprehensive dashboards. Teachable enables professionals to conduct one-on-one sessions with call hosting and homework capabilities to interact with their students. 

It also helps them get feedback from students and improve their courses. The platform supports more than 130 currencies, so users can receive payments from students around the world. Teachable uses a 2048-bit SSL certificate to protect information and monitors it 24/7 for seamless hosting.

Cooper LMS

Cooper is a comprehensive people development platform with mentoring, coaching, group, e-learning, project learning, and moderation solutions that help develop professional skills and inclusion in more than 300 organizations, including Google, Cornell, Pernod Richard, US Air Force, and AMWA for promotion. 

Mentoring programs, coaching programs, training programs, communities, etc. are some of the learning methods that use its solutions with powerful integrations. Streamline mentoring programs with design solutions, smart mentor matching, training, moderation, tracking, and reporting. On the other hand, it provides feedback, meeting scheduling, goal setting, and learning for attendees with powerful integrations.

Summing Up

These were the top 5 Canvas LMS alternatives that businesses can use to reduce to cater to their training and learning requirements. If you are running an education business, you need to have a flexible learning management system for your employees and customers. 

The Canvas alternatives mentioned above are best suited for your learning management needs, although they vary slightly in terms of pricing, features, and customization options. Most of them come with a trial which allows you to test the tools before making a commitment. You can try using these alternatives and deploy the one which fulfills your unique business requirements fully.


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