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Top 5 Reasons Why Your School needs a School Information System

school information system

Top 5 Reasons Why Your School needs a School Information System

In today’s rapidly evolving educational environment, an efficient school information system is required to run an educational institution smoothly. It helps to handle tons of data related to students and school activities, saving time for teachers and the higher authorities. They can focus on other factors that contribute to the holistic development of the schools.

An efficient school information system allows the teachers and students to maintain transparent communication in a user-friendly and more responsive way. Therefore, to get rid of the hectic schedules of accounting, attendance, study programs having effective student information software is the best possible solution.

What is School Information System?

A school information system is a software specifically designed to manage various administrative processes. It offers a reliable way to conduct communication between the administrative department, students, parents, and the teachers. 

It offers a higher level of automation for the school authorities to manage their daily tasks in less time and with precision. This smart software solution aids in various school activities like functions, yearly calendars, results and records of admissions, exams, etc.

Hence, it helps the administrative department handle the school effectively and eases the job of students to stay updated about the new rules/regulations of the school and other activities going on in the institute.

Here in this blog, we outline the top 5 reasons why schools need a school information system.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Communication gap in an academic environment can hamper the efficiency of the educational system. And nobody, whether students, parents, or teachers, like to have a bad communication experience while planning something important. To overcome this problem, the school information system comes into play.

In an information software system, every information is available in one place and to all the parties, from students to the higher authorities. Therefore, chances are almost nil that there will be any communication gap since it offers higher communication transparency. 

The school information system helps to encourage participation and interaction between the students and the other departments. For example, sending/receiving emails/messages quickly, receiving push notifications, and ensuring that every party is in the loop, to prevent miscommunication. This is how it saves the teachers and administrators from the manual work of collecting, storing the data and delivering important information to the concerned members.

Increased Productivity

With the help of the SIS, quick and accurate reports are generated since it is easy to access the information from the centralized system for every department, like updating, editing, and deletion. Therefore, the staff members can do more work in less time and without doing any tedious job of handling bundles of papers. 

Moreover, if a student or a school staff member wants to request for leave then, no need to go personally to the supervisors and asking for their signature and approval. On the other hand, every member can apply for leave by filling the online form and getting permission from the concerned department.

Many times, the management has to perform the repetitive tasks in one day, so it is complete wastage of time and energy. But having automated software on your system allows them to do it just with few clicks.

Better Student Enrolment Process and Attendance Records

The most time-consuming and complicated process for school management is the student enrolment process, as there are so many things involved. An SIS will help you manage all information related to new enrolments easily, right from online registration to admission. Handling all files and documents manually is a big ask, and the SIS stores all of this data. 

The traditional method of attendance is outdated and very difficult to sustain. A great feature of an SIS is it helps a lot in recording and tracking attendance records of each student. Teachers can pull up the records of any student anytime. The SIS also allows automated e-mails to students’ parents if they are absent or skip multiple classes regularly. 

Manage Examinations in a Better Way

Examinations are a big part of the academic year, and vital to know where each student stands. Students are promoted based on these exams, so it is important to conduct them correctly. Also, each subject has a separate exam with varied marking schemes, practical, etc., and it can get hectic to keep everything organized. 

Teachers can use the SIS to create test papers, assignments, and other examination material easily. Also, it records the performance of every student on its platform, and teachers can use it to tell students about their strengths and weaknesses. Using different exam formats and random questions for students is another feature that SIS provides. The software can also be used to send test results in e-mails or SMS to parents. 

Better Library and Inventory Management

The school information system will help your institute with library records and keep a record of any book issued to a student, including the date and time of issue and the expected return date. All records associated with fines and late return charges are also kept in the system. The librarian can use it to search or find any book in the library. The SIS also helps generate reports for incoming new books and other stuff. 

If your school has a store or inventory to sell stationary, uniforms, books, and other school supplies, the school information system will help you manage the inventory. It will notify you if anything is low on stock and needs to be restocked. It can also be used to take and process orders from students. 


Schools need to focus on teaching, but various administrative and other tasks keep most teachers occupied and busy. A good school information system will help streamline all activities through its features so that your institute can focus on providing knowledge. 

Check out our edtech software named Calimatic’s advanced school information system with all the features and tools needed for effective performance and teaching. The tools are designed to streamline and automate most tasks and ease the workload on employees.   

Make sure there is proper communication and collaboration between teachers, students, and their parents through a student information system. The quality of education will improve, and complicated tasks will become easier. 

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