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Why Calimatic Remains The Preferred LMS For Schools

LMS for Schools

Why Calimatic Remains The Preferred LMS For Schools

Schools in this day and age are turning to emerging technology to revolutionize how they provide education to learners. Implementing lms for schools is among the first few steps that institutions are taking, and those who have the system running can attest that it has a significant impact on the interaction between learners, teachers and parents.

The adoption of lms for schools is growing and is estimated to be worth about 16 billion today. Close to 25 percent of students across the globe learn online via an lms, although this figure does not include those currently pursuing blended learning. More schools are reviewing lms options available on the market, owing to COVID-19 and resulting interruptions, to find one that ticks all the boxes in terms of their needs. The following are the key functionalities Schools look for in an LMS.

Interactive Activities and Discussion

When students interact amongst themselves and with the instructor through discussions and class activities, they learn even more. An LMS for schools should have the tools that will facilitate student-student and student-staff interactions.

Learning can be sustained through discussions to foster understand of lecture material, allowing learners to assist each other. While its typically the role of the instructor to oversight student interactions, a lms frees up time that the teacher can use to build the curriculum and support learner who learn better through one-on-one sessions.

Personalized Learning Experiences

One thing that instructors know very well is that there isn’t a class where a one-size fits all approach works. Regardless of age the instructor is teaching, some of the learners need a unique approach at a give pace to meet their learning needs. An LMS for schools that is pace oriented empowers instructors to configure learning to cater to the individual needs of learners. Content is also customizable, and there are options to present learning to specific groups or individual learners as is necessary.

Learning Paths That Integrate Progress Monitoring

Learning paths are a basic feature of lms for schools, but each product on the market is unique in this respect. An Learning Management Software is essential as it enables an instructor to structure learning material coherently. Teachers are able to map a clear path for learners to follow so that each content topic is covered in the right order. Some lms products incorporate branching capabilities giving learners the chance to follow a specific path by selecting one of two supported courses.

Parental Involvement

Younger learners grow academically when there is parental involvement in their learning experience. Previously, the only avenues through which teachers could communicate with parents were letters and or phone. LMS specifically built for  for schools now allow parents to keep track of their children’s learning every day. Most provide access to the learner’s profile, including attendance, test, and assignment records.

With the right LMS for your school, it is possible to keep communication between students, teachers and parents open. Also, online communication is faster, thus question, updates and information flow smoothly between the three endpoints.

Diverse Content And Blended Learning

Schools of this age thrive on blended learning. Blended learning is an assortment of features that allow the instructor and students to learn out of class. It offers platform to run a well-round school curriculum that incorporates staff and student schedule. That way, learners can take part in class activity from wherever they are – even while on the road!


Students learn much better with real-life examples. This is one thing lms for schools does very well. It fashions class material into a real-life scenario. Teachers can exploit this feature to offer learners case-based illustrations that show them how they can implement knowledge and skills.

Other LMS platforms prefer narrative-based learning using fictitious characters to show learners how they can use their skills in different situations.

How To Choose The Right LMS For Your Institution?

There are a number of LMS platforms on the market to designed to meet the needs of school. However, the right one for your specific needs should address the following key items;

  • Have features that cater to the basic needs of your school
  • Cost an amount that fits your budget, including updates
  • Is scalable to meet changing needs
  • Have tools and content that is appropriate for age
  • Reliable and accessible

Don’t limit your review of LMS to one that you feel ticks all check boxes, go through several others too to ensure that you are getting all the necessary functionality and quality for your students and staff.

Looking to transform how you students learn and spar enrollment at your school? Calimatic EdTech software offer you exactly that, and much more. Our solution Calimatic EdTech is an education management platform, which includes LMS, CRM, SIS and Franchise Management systems. We offer these solutions to tutoring centres, schools and stem learning centres.

It is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, platform that enables instructors to provide and enriched learning experience for K-12. It’s a virtual world that supersedes traditional gamification, lms and e-learning. It supports virtual learning, assessments, integrated lms and academic management for higher education institutions.

It is a great solution for learning centres as well. It is designed to support all categories of learning institutions so that they are better able to drive change and deliver success through class, staff management and student enrichment.

Online tutoring becomes easier with Calimatic EdTech. The system is designed to support online tutoring institutes to offer affordable, efficient and easy services to students through online classes, tests, LMS and CRM.

With Calimatic EdTech comes unlimited on-cloud storage, facilitating growth and outreach. You can easily turn usage from a hundreds to thousands! We support compliance and certification, staff training, institutional knowledge-based management, user timing and attendance and internal communication.

CRM streamlines your business management process, allowing time advancing success. It maximizes lead generation through professional handling to enhance your online presence.

Looking to branch over to an efficient LMS solution for your institute? Think Calimatic EdTech, we are ready to listen, and help you revolutionize how your students learn. Give us a call today!





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