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Schools / K-12

Sophisticated platform for Schools to create an engaging & learning environment for fresh minds.

Higher Education

Virtual education experience that goes beyond traditional LMS and facilitates e-learning and gamification.

Learning Centers or Academies

Supporting small, medium and large educational centers to help them make impact and deliver success.

Online Tutoring

Helping Online Tutoring Institutes to Start & Succeed in an affordable, easy and efficient manner

Bring Efficiency to Education!

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Much more than just a Learning Tool

Calimatic, an Edtech Software Solution, is a fully integrated, operational system hosting comprehensive online institute management. 

By combining a bundle of modules like Institute Management, SIS, LMS, Franchise/Center management & CRM, you get the interactive learning features under the hood.

Reach your Institute’s true potential with full system customization and automate your ongoing e-Learning structures to drive both academic and administrative success!

Optimized Online Class Facilitation Model

Set up your paper-based training into dynamic online class within minutes!

The state of art online class features simplifies managing class timetables, live lectures and group sessions to create amazing blended learning experience which you can control!   

From co-efficient virtual classroom collaboration via live video integration, whiteboard interactivity with attachments, class notes as well as student engagement via poll creation, group/private chat sessions– you get everything built-in within the system.

Hub for Student’s Virtual Learning Growth

The Calimatic, an edtech software or education management software targets remote e-Learning, interaction, and collaboration between staff and students like no other!

Get a complete education model that makes learning simpler with interactive and easy access boards inclusive of Student Boards, Class Boards, Staff Boards and Code boards.

The smart boards are a complete guide for the system users, where they have the power to engage in vital learner’s content creation, class joining, code development, managing, hosting assignments to tracking, class notes recording, and delivery.

Besides, with a highly customizable learning management platform, our education management software can store, organize, and assign learning materials according to the target user bases – a truly futuristic online learning platform!

Hands-On Assessment Creation and Reporting Engine

Scale up the learner’s experience with tests, surveys and evaluations!

Calimatic evaluation module organizes multi-faced student exams including both online and offline assessments, student progress analytics, grades, scores and charts – giving an enriched evaluation experience that is accessible from all devices.

Limit the test attempts, multiple choice & other types of questions, set timers or create theoretical sets of exams with flexible built-in tools. Plus, instructional and questionnaire designing for any educational program and online examination is fully adaptable from configuration standpoint.

Engaging Gamification, Analytics and Certifications

Our education management software presents a comprehensive LMS management system that enriches various aspects such as Progress tracking, multi-option Grading tactics, Gamification, Bonus points, and0 Certifications – all of which are the key to our student enrichment experience that fuels progression! 

Calimatic edtech software analytics focus on your student’s growth and gauge progress with a responsive set of reporting data and feedback options.

Structure student reports with all the data available at hand with zero mess for the admins.

Manage reports, set grading rubrics and monitor progress, usable for multiple assessment measuring roles. Systemize the feedback feature in comments on challenges, tests, assignments, to any student or the whole class.

End-to-End Franchise and Center Management Software

Calimatic edtech software digitally advances your system to run smoothly!

We offer compact solution to handle larger databases securely and provide interconnection between franchises/centers all at one convenient location. User automation and basic access management, you are at the ease of manually controlling and keeping track of single or multiple learning centers. 

Whether it is easing the administration efforts, managing the learning content, or efficient billing & payments alongside inventory management, our education management software can handle it all!

Control each phase of franchising your business from initial development: enrollment, billing and agreement forms, to all the ongoing student progress, leads and more.

Business Progress with Improved Outreach

Attain the digitally enhanced e-Learning structure of your dreams!

Get unlimited On-Cloud storage to handle your business infrastructure and growth from hundreds to thousands. Staff training, compliance and certification, to institute’s knowledge base management, internal communications, user attendance and timing tools and all things employee related – create a tangle-free managerial environment.

Our CRM makes your institute’s business management streamlined so you get the time advancing virtual success. Avail professional handling, and integrated systems to maximize lead generation for your company. 

Besides increasing lead generation, our education management software also unifies all data, leads, and contacts from multiple channels into a single platform. It helps automate all support-related communications from a centralized location, which results in an effective CRM that chiefly relies on strong communication.

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